Car rental at the San Francisco Airport
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Car rental at the San Francisco Airport

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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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At the San Francisco Airport we recommend the following car hire offers

from 31 £ per day

Small, agile and economical - that's all it takes!

e.g. Chevrolet Spark
14 Days from 24.08 - 07.09.2024
Example vehicle
from 40 £ per day

Alone on the road or only with small baggage? Then this will be sufficient!

e.g. Chevrolet Spark
14 Days from 24.08 - 07.09.2024
Example vehicle
from 29 £ per day
All-round carefree package

This way nothing can go wrong - carefree and all inclusive!

Intermediate SUV
e.g. Chevrolet Bolt
14 Days from 24.08 - 07.09.2024
Example vehicle

Hire a Car at the San Francisco Airport

Summer is the best time to travel to San Francisco. Book a cheap car hire at San Francisco Airport and drive across the famous Golden Gate Bridge. A hired car in San Francisco can be ideally combined with a west coast USA road trip. San Francisco has many exciting neighborhoods to offer. Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury and Ghiradelli Square are just a few of the many fascinating neighborhoods in San Francisco. Take your hired car to the cable car and enjoy a breathtaking view of San Francisco.

Car hire at San Francisco Airport

Straße in San Francisco

Discovering San Francisco

Enjoy legendary road trips through California and start your journey with a hired car at San Francisco Airport. We recommend that you book your hired car online before your trip. Benefit from early booking prices and our transparent price comparison for rental cars. At San Francisco Airport (SFO) you can hire various vehicle models, such as SUVs, convertibles, small cars and vans. Especially if you want to enjoy nature in California, we recommend you to hire an SUV. 

Why should you hire a car and visit San Francisco?

Every visitor to the United States should spend part of his or her stay in San Francisco. This Californian metropolis with its pleasant climate, many sights and unique flair captivates countless people from all over the world every year. Most of them arrive at the airport and take a suitable hired car to get to the city centre. Although San Francisco City with its 800,000 inhabitants seems to be much more manageable than Miami or New York, the distances between the individual highlights are quite long.

San Francisco - A summer like nowhere else in the United States

San Francisco is the perfect destination for you in summer. Even in the hottest month of July, temperatures only climb to a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius, providing a welcome change from the humid climate of many other American cities along the coast. Enjoy a view of the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge free from the city's usual fog, or even better, grab a hired car and explore the bridge and the city with its remarkably steep streets or the famous, winding Lombard Street on your own. Take a short lunchtime stroll through Fisherman's Wharf, the popular waterfront district on San Francisco's north coast. There are numerous restaurants, cafes and for animal lovers even sea lions to see. Fancy a special view of the city?Then get on one of the historic trams, which takes you up the steep streets of San Francisco with a gradient of up to 31 degrees.  Especially in the summer, the city comes to life and countless festivals and street parties await the numerous visitors with live music, street food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Car hire San Francisco Airport

Blick aus dem Flugzeug auf San Francisco

Die passende Autovermietung finden

Compare the offers of different car hire companies at San Francisco Airport. We work with all major car hire companies in the United States. The following car hire companies are a selection of the available providers at San Francisco Airport:

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Europcar
  • Hertz 

You can hire a car at San Francisco Airport from any of the mentioned car hire companies and book your car online via the price comparison at Driveboo. The idea of hiring a car at San Francisco International Airport SFO CA is advantageous. The hired car will take you from the airport to the hotel, city centre and to every part of the metropolis or to one of the viewpoints on the hills of the outskirts.

Information about San Francisco Airport SFO

From San Francisco Airport, 22 national airlines fly to more than 60 cities in the USA. Approximately 37 million passengers land or depart from the International Airport SFO every year. Information on all relevant topics, such as car hire, is provided in several languages and interpreters are available via a telephone hotline. As a passenger arriving from abroad, you will arrive at Terminal 4 and your first route will lead to the passport control in the arrivals hall. Afterwards, you can take your baggage off the treadmill and pass through the control area of the US customs. You can then pick up your reserved hired car at the car hire company of your choice. The building in which the car hire companies are accommodated is located outside the international terminal.

Unterwegs am Flughafen

Way to the car hire company

Schlüssel für den Mietwagen

More flexibility with a hired car

What should you know when hiring a car at San Francisco Aiport?

Minimum Age

Freundinnen im Mietwagen

Ask for the minimum age

What age does your car hire require? This question should be clarified at the time of booking, as almost every car hire company present at San Francisco CA International Airport requires a minimum age of 25 years. However, there are some exceptions, such as the Alamo provider. With this company you can hire a car at the age of 21 years, but an insurance supplement of 25 dollars per day is due. Small rental cars are an option for 18-year-olds as long as there is a willingness to pay for a high insurance.


If you hire your car through the price comparison at Driveboo at a low price you can include the optimal insurance. You are advised to choose fully comprehensive insurance (CDW) and extended liability insurance (EP). With us both policies are standard.

Additional driver

Do you want to drive the hired car alone or should an additional driver be registered? If you make use of the additional driver option, you can take turns in driving the hired car. In this manner, both of you can take a break and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

One-way rental

Do you want to pick up your car at the appropriate pick-up station at the International Airport SFO and return it to the pick-up station of another airport? That's no problem with the one-way rental option of Driveboo. Our partners often offer very favourable one-way contracts. On Driveboo you can hire your dream vehicle at a low price and only have to calculate comparatively low surcharges for extras such as navigation systems and child seats.

Is there a petrol station at San Francisco SFO airport?

Gas station Distance from San Francisco Airport
76 gas station 2.8 miles
Arco 5.6 miles

Hired car San Francisco: Important traffic rules

  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • Pay attention to the speed limits
  • Wear seat belts
  • It's forbidden to overtake school buses
Driveboo tip:

The traffic regulations in California do not differ significantly from those in Europe. Inform yourself about the special features at your car hire company, so that the commendable intention to hire a car at a reasonable price does not experience any unpleasant burden from expensive parking tickets.

Explore San Francisco with your hired car

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Blick über San Francisco

View of San Francisco City centre

Lombard Street San Francisco

Lombard Street

At SFO International Airport, you can hire a car cheaply and without mileage restrictions. You probably want to discover the attractions of the Californian metropolis. It is therefore essential to drive to the Golden Gate Bridge or the nearby Golden Gate Park. Both destinations are only a few kilometers from the city center and offer exciting impressions accompanied by a captivatingly beautiful appearance.

Even if you were able to hire your car at San Francisco Airport at a very reasonable price, you should still explore certain destinations on foot or by cable car. These include the hills in the northeast and the densely populated city centre. However, some streets invite you to drive a hired car, especially Lombard Street leads you over the hills of the metropolis with sometimes very steep gradients.

Other car hire destinations in San Francisco

Destination Distance from San Francisco Airport
Silicon Valles 37 miles
Sacramento 105 miles
Santa Cruz 69 miles
Yosemite National Park 161 miles
  • The city of Sacramento, located about 170 kilometres north of San Francisco, offers so many highlights that one day is not enough to discover it. You should therefore choose a hotel and stay here for a few days.
  • South of the SFO International Airport, Santa Cruz is located 110 kilometres away. Enjoy the fantastic flair of the city with its characteristic features, choose an attractive hotel and relax in a varied environment.
  • Nature lovers should spend a few days in the exciting Yosemite National Park. Located approximately 260 miles from San Francisco City and the airport, the park covers 3,000 square kilometers and is located in the east of California. You can reach it by car in about five hours and find a suitable hotel nearby.

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84 Experiences of our customers at the San Francisco Airport

Rating of Dennis F.

“Very friendly and fast handling, Navi even set up in German, everything great!”

Rating of Andreas M.

“Very speedy and friendly handling of the vehicle takeover. The car was practically new with 1,800 miles on the speedometer and had a very good equipment. Completely satisfied with the Alamo rental station at the San Francisco airport - I can recommend it!”

Rating of Helene A.

“Ordering at Autoeurope was as usual to the fullest satisfaction. Pickup of the rental car in San Francisco at the local provider Alamo was problem-free, in the Choice Lane were about 10 vehicles to choose from!”

Frequently asked questions about car hire booking San Francisco Airport

How much does a hired car cost at San Francisco Airport?

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

View over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Hired car for a day

If you only need a hired car for one day, you can hire it for as low as 29 £ per day.

Hired car for a week 

A cheap hired car is available from as little as 198 £ per week. We compare the prices of all major car hire companies and show you the best deal.

Small cars 

Particularly popular in San Francisco are small cars, which you can hire from as little as 275 £ per week. With a small car, you are sure to find a free parking space quickly.

Convertibles and sport cars

What should I consider with the hired car in San Francisco?

  • If you are on the road with a hired car in the USA, you should always adhere to the specified speed limits. These are 35 miles/h in built-up areas, 25 miles/h near schools and 55-70 miles/h on highways.
  • Be sure to observe the appropriate signs, because speeding and other traffic violations are punished very severely.
  • On highways, overtaking is usually allowed from both sides.
  • Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge is free of charge when going out of town. If you are driving inbound, there is a toll of 8 USD per vehicle.
  • Furthermore, no open alcoholic beverage may be carried inside the vehicle.
  • You may not pass a stopped school bus with flashing lights.
  • We also recommend that you carry an international driver's license. This can be obtained from the Transportation Office of your home town.

What is the minimum age to hire a car at San Francisco Airport?


With many hired car providers, you can already book a hired car at the age of 21. Simply enter the age in the search mask and look forward to an exciting trip with your friends through San Francisco. For drivers under 25 years, there is usually a so-called "young driver fee", which is already included in the displayed rental price. You do not have to pay any additional fees for this on site. You will find more information in the rental conditions.

Can I pick up the hired car at San Francisco Airport and return it at another location?

San Diego

Return your hired car in San Diego

You can also return the hired car to a car hire agency at another location or in another state of the USA, such as Arizona or Oregon. To do this, simply change the return location in the search mask. Additional fees apply for the so-called one-way rental.

Thanks to the one-way rental, you can go on an exciting road trip with friends or family in the USA without having to return to the place of departure. In any case, clarify your wishes with the car hire company on site.

Additional driver

If you want to take turns driving the hired car on a longer trip, you can also specify an additional driver. In some offers, an additional driver is already included in the rental price.

What should be considered when returning the hired car?


Plan enough buffer time for the return of the hired car. Depending on the selected tank regulation, you must fill up the hired car accordingly. In principle, we always recommend the fair tank regulation full / full. With this you return the rented car with the same fuel level as you picked it up. To do this, simply go to the nearest gas station at the San Francisco airport. A Shell gas station is located only 4 minutes drive from the San Francisco airport. When you return the hired car, the car hire company will check the condition and fuel level. If everything is in accordance with the time of the rental, the retained deposit will be released to you.

Can I cancel a hired car free of charge? 


You can cancel any booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the rental period. So if your travel plans change at short notice, you are on the safe side. Please note the opening hours of our service team. 

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