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Explore Mykonos by Hired Car


Mykonos: Greek dream island

Mykonos is best explored by hired car. The island is located in the heart of Greece and  an important site for the religious heritage of the country. The Greek gods and mythology is fascinating to experience even for atheists. Very impressive are the architectural highlights of Greece.  Even though Mykonos might not be as glorious as Athens or some other city of Greece; but it is for sure a city that you should visit to get an overall and full Greek impression. The sheer size of the city might be a bit scary at first, but we’ll try our best to sum up the best places for you. We’re going to list out everything a foreigner might like to know about the wonderful city. From traffic laws for driving your hired car to places of interest, to every activity worth doing in the city. So, sit back, relax, grab your journal and start writing because this stuff is pure gold for every tourist visiting Mykonos.

Quiet Mykonos in spring

If you want to escape the crowds, then you should travel to Mykonos in spring. In the spring months, the beaches are still empty and the cafes in the alleys on Mykonos are not too crowded. So you can explore the main town of Chora at your leisure or enjoy a long walk on the beach. Moreover, in spring everything blooms on Mykonos. Look forward to bright colors and a great scenery under the spring sun. The best way to travel in Mykonos is with a hired car. This way you can reach your desired locations flexibly at any time.

Where can I find rental services?

Rental services are probably easier to find in Mykonos than a cup of coffee. As soon as you land at the Mykonos International Airport, you’ll find one of our rental services only 50 meters away. You can walk there in about one minute. You’ll find great rental rates and we’re pretty sure you’re going to find every type of vehicle you might need. From four-wheelers to luxury sedans, they’ll have everything you could possibly require. After us, the people from the rental stores might be the most helpful people to make your voyage much easier.

Speeding limits on Mykonos

It is absolutely critical to say that you’re not allowed to drive if you’re below the age of 21. And, Greeks are pretty serious about seat belts. Driving without a seat belt is illegal and is considered a punishable offence. The speeding limits in different areas of Mykonos are given below:

Areas Speeding Limit
Urban  30 mph
Outside the city 70 mph
Expressways 80 mph

The legal alcohol-blood level

Mit dem Mietwagen unterwegs auf Mykonos

Exploring Mykonos by hired car

Special is that the Greek police is allowed to stop any moving vehicle without probable cause. Most of the time, the police pulls over a vehicle on the suspicion of drinking and driving due to irrational behaviour on the road. However, the police in Mykonos doesn’t need a reason to stop you. This means that you might be apprehended even if you are completely resonable. If there is more alcohol in your blood than 0.5 mg per ml you will be fined according to the alcohol level. A table containing the alcohol level and the penalty is given below:

Alcohol Level Monetary Fine Other Penalties
0.5-0.8 200€ 5 points on your license
0.81-1.1 700€ 9 points on your license
Greater than 1.1 1200€ Two months in jail

Keep in mind that 12 points on your license will mean the complete suspension of it. The given point waiver after a time period of three years. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a foreigner driving a hired car or a citizen, these laws will apply to you.

Places to see in Mykonos

Auf den Straßen von Mykonos

Driving around Mykonos in a hired car

Mykonos, as we said earlier, is loaded with sights to see and places to visit. The country has one of the most ancient civilizations dating back before the birth of Christ. The architecture from those days still stands and Mykonos bears witness to a number of such locations. There are great places like Mount Cynthus located off of Mykonos on islands that are definitely worth a visit. You might need to hop out of your hired car for some locations and take the ferry, but no doubt, you’ll make memories you’ll cherish forever.

Places Distance from the Airport Travelling Time
Aegean Maritime Museum 2.5 km 9 min
Agious Stefanos 5.7 km 12 min
Archaeology Museum 3.3 km 11 min
Ftelia 6.2 km 15 min
Rarity Gallery 2.7 km 10 min

Festivals on Mykonos

We have to say, when it comes to major festivals, Mykonos falls short compared to other cities. They don’t have many festivals; just two or three huge ones rather than 5 or 6 big ones. But, the few festivals that the locals do manage to organise are something you won’t see anywhere else in the world. The way the Greeks commemorate the LGBTQ community is something that you should experience even if you’re straight. Two of the biggest events of the year in Mykonos are listed below:

  • Mykonos Summer Festival
  • XLSIOR (Mykonos Gay Festival)

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