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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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Car hire Costa Calma: Explore the "calm coast" by hired car

Costa Calma is located on the Canary Islands, in Spain. It is a place on the beautiful, popular island of Fuerteventura. At the same time, Costa Calma is also the second largest resort in the south of Fuerteventura. Costa Calma and its surroundings offer a large number of attractive excursion destinations and interesting sights that can be easily reached by hired car.

From the airport to the beach "Playa de Costa Calma"

The island of Fuerteventura in Spain on the Canary Islands is usually reached by plane. The nearest airport, Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) is only a few kilometers from the capital Puerto del Rosario.

Due to the good location of Fuerteventura Airport you have the possibility to reach your desired destination quickly and comfortably with your hired car. For example, it is possible to go directly from Fuerteventura airport to the popular sand beach Playa de Costa Calma. The region Playa de Costa Calma is located in the southeast of the beautiful island and has a beautiful, about two kilometers long sandy beach. The beach is surrounded by a variety of hotels, so that you can reach Playa de Costa Calma quickly and easily from your conveniently located holiday accommodation, for example.

The term "Playa de Costa Calma" means "calm coast", which is absolutely true here. For example, there are hardly any currents and the waves are usually very small. Because of this, the beach is also an ideal destination for a trip by hired car with the whole family, because even the little ones in the family can paddle safely.

But also for active vacationers it isn't boring: Thanks to the prevailing winds, both kiters and windsurfers feel at home here. Even banana boating and jet skiing is possible at the beautiful Playa in Spain. For a little refreshment there are two beach bars right on the beach.

Cheap car hire by price comparison: Costa Calma

Especially during the holiday season, a hired car is a great way to be flexible and independent and to create your trip the way you like it. To ensure that everything runs smoothly during the holiday, we recommend that you book your hired car for Costa Calma or Fuerteventura in advance from home. This way you can be sure that all availabilities have been checked and that your hired car contains all services that you specified when booking the hired car.

With online price comparison you save up to 60% when booking a hired car. You also benefit from price transparency and certified security when booking. In the search mask you can select the desired travel data, insurance and additional services via filter. This way you can book your hired car safely, easily and cheaply.

Hire a car to explore the sights of Costa Calma and its surroundings

Of course it is also possible to start a sightseeing tour directly after the car hiring. The Canary Islands inspire not only because of their beautiful landscape, but also with their diverse sights. For example, a hired car trip to Antigua is worthwhile. Antigua on Fuerteventura is easy to reach by car. The village was founded in the 18th century and is one of the oldest on the island. From 1812 to 1835 Antigua was even the capital of the island. Here, beautiful green spaces and the Church Virgen de la Antigua, located inside the city, are just waiting to be discovered. Every year in May or June the popular Artisan Fair "Feria Insular de Artesanía" is held. Whoever is in Antigua with the hired car during that time, should not miss the fair. There the most diverse craftsmen present their beautiful pieces. Also very interesting is the local market, which is known on the whole island. It is also worthwhile to continue by hired car to Puerto del Rosario. The old mills and farmsteads there are absolutely worth seeing.

Further highlights in Costa Calma - easily and quickly accessible by hired car

If you book a flight to the Canary Islands to Costa Calma, you should definitely take the hired car to Gran Tarajal, which is located in the southeast of Fuerteventura. The area has so far been spared from mass tourism and offers, for example, a beautiful beach with dark sand. After the trip by hired car, the wonderful beach promenade with its small restaurants is a wonderful destination. It is also the second most important commercial port on the island of Fuerteventura. At the entrance to the village you will find the impressive city park, which invites you to take a relaxing walk. Also worth a visit is the Plaza de la Candelaria, the beautiful village square of Gran Tarajal, which forms the centre of the village. There is also the Church Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. The church was donated by the founder of the city, Matias Lopez, and dates from the 19th century.

Car hire from Fuerteventura to Caleta de Fuste

With a hired car from a local car hire company you also have the option of driving to Caleta de Fuste. The town is conveniently located and can be reached quickly by hired car from the capital and Fuerteventura Airport (FUE), for example. "Caleta" means "bay", while "Fuste" is the Spanish name for "fishing boat". However, the place is generally also called "Castillo", as there is a castle near the harbour. On the island of Fuerteventura, Caleta de Fuste is one of the major tourist attractions. There are numerous shopping centres and restaurants city centre. Several large shopping centres are slightly outside, such as the Happycenter and the Shoppingcenter Atantico. There you will surely find a souvenir or two. After the shopping tour you can hire a car to the fine sandy beach here, which resembles a bathing bay and is very popular with families. You can also enjoy a wide variety of water sports, such as jet-skiing. But there is also a lot going on at night: the various clubs, pubs and bars ensure that. If you are in Caleta de Fuste on a Saturday with a hired car, you should not miss the weekly market, which takes place next to the main street. A wide variety of goods can be purchased there between nine and two o'clock.

From Costa Calma by hired car to Morro Jable

But the island of Fuerteventura has much more to offer: For example, when booking a hired car, it is worth planning a visit to Morro Jable, a small, tranquil fishing village. The area has been a very popular holiday destination since the 1970s, but over the years it has retained its typical Canarian character. At the local lighthouse, for example, there is a wonderful beach for surfers and divers. The so-called moray reef is very popular here. Many excursion boats leave from the port, including the ferry, which crosses over from Fuerteventura to Gran Canaria. The beach promenade in Morro Jable, on the other hand, offers many smaller restaurants that delight with tasty fish dishes.

Costa Calma Car Hire: Cheap Booking and Discovery Tour

With the help of a hired car Costa Calma and the island Fuerteventura can be discovered cheaply and easily. For example, it is possible to start an exploration tour directly from the airport with the hired car of the car hire company. The island or Costa Calma has a lot to offer that makes for an unforgettably beautiful holiday. Booking a hired car is not only very cheap, but also a flexible way to explore the area on your own. Thanks to the hired car, for example, you are no longer dependent on public transport. After all, buses, trains and the like don't always go to the times or places you want to visit.

With us it is possible to book a hired car within a very short time. For example, we offer a quick and easy reservation. In addition, our customers can choose between a wide variety of vehicles. For example, it is possible to select a small car, an off-road vehicle or even a limousine when booking. Whether VW, Mercedes, Smart or Volvo: our customers book exactly the car they need and always wanted to drive according to their needs and wishes.

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Frequently asked questions about car hire booking Costa Calma

How much does a hired car cost in Costa Calma?



Book a hired car in Costa Calma

You can book a hired car from as low as 161 £ per week or 23 £ per day. Enjoy a drive through Fuerteventura and take advantage of our low price offers and comparisons.

Book a family car

A family car is available from 515 £ per week. We guarantee enough storage space for lots of baggage and room for all your loved ones. Travel with the whole family and discover Feurteventura on your own!

Book a small car

You can book a small car from 161 £ per week or 23 £ per day. With this car you can quickly find a parking space and drive safely through the narrow streets of the cities.

Can I pick up my hired car outside opening hours?


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Pick up hired car flexible

You can also pick up your hired car outside the opening hours. To do this, contact your car hire company and discuss the time of pickup. Your rental company will keep the key for you in a box. This way, if you arrive late, you can pick up your car flexibly and independently.

Please note: There might be extra fees for this process. From provider to provider these costs vary, but stay in a low range.

Can I cancel my hired car free of charge?


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Free cancellation possible

A free cancellation of your hired car is possible 24 hours before the rental. Please contact our service team for this purpose. We will contact the appropriate car hire company and inform them of your request.

In case of illness, delays or the like, you are on the safe side with MietwagenCheck!

Can I book a child seat for the hired car?


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Booking a child seat for the hired car

You can specify desired extras such as a child seat when booking the hired car in the reservation form under the item "Additional equipment" or alternatively in the field "Message to our service team". The costs incurred for this are usually to be paid when the hired car is accepted on site.

Further additional services

In addition, you can select inclusive services in Costa Calma such as a navigation device or an additional driver. Simply set the filter under "Included services" accordingly. Arrange your hired car for Costa Calma individually and look forward to a varied holiday in Spain.

Can I book a hired car from 18 years old?


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Book a hired car with 18+

You can already book a rental car with 18 years and spend an unforgettable holiday with your friends. Just enter the age in the search form and get suitable offers. Enjoy a trip through Spain's islands and be flexible on the road!

Young driver fee

For drivers under the age of 25, there is usually a so-called "young driver fee", which is already included in the displayed rental price. You do not have to pay any additional fees for this on the spot. You can find more information in the rental conditions.

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