Car rental at the Agadir–Al Massira Airport
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Cancel free of charge
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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

Car rental at the Agadir–Al Massira Airport

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Cancellation free of charge

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Book in time without risk

You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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At the Agadir–Al Massira Airport we recommend the following car hire offers

from 9 £ per day
Basic package

Good offers for a small budget

e.g. Peugeot 108
9 Days from 20.09 - 29.09.2024
Example vehicle
from 9 £ per day

Small, agile and economical - that's all it takes!

e.g. Kia Picanto
9 Days from 20.09 - 29.09.2024
Example vehicle
from 11 £ per day
All-round carefree package

This way nothing can go wrong - carefree and all inclusive!

e.g. Peugeot 108
9 Days from 20.09 - 29.09.2024
Example vehicle

Hire a Car at the Agadir–Al Massira Airport

The perfect time to travel by car hire to Agadir in Morocco are the summer months. When you land at Al Massira Airport, you can pick up a hired car directly from one of the car hire agencies and start your well-deserved holiday mobile. Since the temperatures can get very hot in Agadir in the summer, we recommend a hired car with air conditioning.

Cheap rental cars at Agadir-Al Massira Airport

View over Agadir

Find and book cheap rental cars at Agadir airport

Morocco is becoming increasingly popular as a year-round destination. What are the most beautiful places in Marrakech? Along with Marrakech and Casablanca, Agadir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. When you arrive at Agadir Almassira Airport (AGA) we recommend you to hire a cheap car to explore Agadir. The best way to find a reasonably priced hired car at Agadir Almassira Airport is to compare the prices of car hire in Agadir Almassira with those of other car hire companies. Compare with Driveboo the offers of car hire companies on Agadir Almassira airport and surrounding area. Benefit from our long experience in comparing car rentals. We have selected our partners with great care and only work with reputable providers. Explore Agadir and Morocco on your own and be flexible immediately after arrival.

Pick-up your cheap hired car at the Agadir Airport

Sign of rental cars at the Agadir-Al Massira Airport

For your hired car first go to the "Meet & Greet Point"

Where do I pick up my hired car at Agadir Almassira Airport? As not all car rentals at Agadir Almassira Airport (AGA) have a counter in the arrivals hall, you will be welcomed at the "Meet & Greet Point" in the arrivals hall instead. When hiring a car, please note the respective information on "Opening hours of the stations". For example, if you have decided to hire a car from Europcar, you will find them directly at Agadir Airport.

Other car hire companies that provide their rental cars from the airport are listed below:

  • Argus Car Hire
  • Auto Europe
  • Avis
  • Car del Mar
  • Hertz
  • Holiday Autos
  • Sunny cars

Filling up your car nearby the Agadir-Al Massira airport

Gas station nearby the Agadir Airport

Opt idealy for the fair fuel regulation (full/full)

In general, we recommend that you always choose the fair fuel regulation (full/full). With this you pick up your hired car with a full tank and return it as well. This results in a time and price advantage. In order to fill up the hired car at the end of the trip especially comfortable, we recommend to use the next gas station to the airport. Where is the nearest gas station at Agadir Almassira airport? You can reach the nearest Pétrom gas station, which is open 24 hours a day, on the N1 national road when driving towards Agadir.

Hiring a car at Agadir Almassira (AGA) to explore beach and city

Harbour of Agadir

Driving to all the sights and beaches of Agadir

Agadir, which was long considered an insider tip on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, has developed over the years into one of the most important holiday resorts in western Morocco. In particular, the miles of beach and the water sports on offer make Agadir an attractive year-round destination that is easy to explore by hired car. Embark on an exciting voyage of discovery and drive to the fishing port in the early morning, then perhaps to Crocoparc, stroll a little over the Souk El Had d'Agadir Almassira, make a diversion to Paradise Valley, take a look at the Agadir Almassira Kasbah and by no means miss the sunset on a walk along the magnificent promenade.

A Magnificent road trip idea, starting at the Agadir-Al Massira airport:

Place in Marocco Distance from airport AGA Duration
Stadtzentrum Agadir Almassira 25,9 km 34 min
Marrakesch 241 km 2 h 58 min
Essaouira 200 km 3 h 25 min
Douira 45,2 km 46 min
Sidi Ifni 153 km 2 h 35 min

Driving from Agadir to explore the whole beauty of Marocco

Street in Marocco

Exploring whole Marocco with your own hired car

Are you planning a round trip through Morocco? Then Agadir could be an interesting starting point, which is perfect for a relaxing swim after your return. A particularly beautiful round trip could take you from Agadir along the coast via Essaouira and El Jadida to Casablanca, from where your journey could take you via Rabat, Mekenes and Fez in the direction of Beni-Mellal and Marrakech back to Agadir.

Some of the most beautiful sights to explore in Marocco:

  • City wall of Essaouira
  • Portuguese cistern from the year 1541 in El Jadida
  • Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca
  • Mausoleum Mohammed V. in Rabat
  • Medina (the largest old town in North Africa) and the Hassan Tower in Fez
  • Boucharouite Museum and the El Badi Palace in Marrakech

Frequently asked questions about car hire booking Agadir–Al Massira Airport

How much does a hired car cost at Agadir Airport?

Sea in Marocco

Book a cheap hired car at Agadir Airport

A cheap hired car is available from as little as 57 £ per week. We compare the prices of all major car hire companies and show you the best deal for Agadir to make your trip a complete success.

Particularly popular are small cars, which you can hire from as little as 57 £ per week, because with them you can fit into even the smallest parking space. If you are travelling to Marocco with the whole family, a family car is also suitable, which you can hire from 128 £ per week.

Per day a hired car at Agadir Airport costs only 9 £.

Which hired car is best for a round trip through Morocco?


Are you planning a round trip through Morocco and would like to get to know the landscapes and the city life as well? Basically, we recommend a small car for the city, which you can get at Agadir airport from 57 £ per week.

However, if you want to go to remote places or even through desert landscapes, it is worth hiring an SUV. This way you will always be comfortable on the road and you will not have to worry about whether the vehicle is suitable for the terrain. A suitable off-road vehicle is available at Agadir Airport from as little as 152 £ per week.

Can I book a hired car at Agadir Airport without a deposit?


At Agadir Airport, you do not only have the choice between the offers of different car hire companies, but you can also customize your booking. Would you like to book a hired car without deposit? Then simply select the filter "Bookable without deposit" and only offers that are bookable without having to pay a deposit will appear.

What does a booking without deposit mean?


At Agadir Airport you have the possibility to book a hired car without excess. We recommend you always to book a hired car without excess, because you are already covered in case of damage and do not have to expect additional costs.

If the car hire company works with the reimbursement of the deductible, there will be at first a certain amount of money collected and then refunded back to you.

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