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Car rental at the Pico Airport

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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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At the Pico Airport we recommend the following car hire offers

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7 Days from 02.08 - 09.08.2024
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e.g. Hyundai i10
7 Days from 02.08 - 09.08.2024
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e.g. Hyundai i10
7 Days from 02.08 - 09.08.2024
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Find and compare the best hired car deals on Pico

Plane arriving on Pico

Find your cheap hired car at the Pico Airport

Pico is beside Faial one of the most visited islands of the Azores. The Azores and especially Pico are also in 2021 a popular tourist destination. Is a hired car on Pico worth it? The island is with length of 42 kilometers and width of 15 kilometers ideal to be explored with a cheap hired car. Find your cheap hired car on Pico, simply from the comfort of your own home with Driveboo's secure price comparison. Where can I pick up my hired car in Pico? The best deals for car hire in Pico can be found directly at the airport.

Explore the dream island of Pico with your cheap hired car

Landscape of Pico

Explore all the highlights of Pico Island by car

Where is the highest mountain in Portugal? The highest mountain in Portugal is located on the Azores island of Pico. It is called Ponta do Pico, which means "Pico Volcano" and is 2351 meters high. From the summit, you have a breathtaking view far beyond the neighboring island of Faial. What is the island of Pico known for? Pico is known first and foremost for its more than 20 species of whales and dolphins, with which you can even swim. Also special on Pico are the lava vineyards, which have already been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You should therefore definitely try the Pico red wine that is made from it.

Whale watching and swimming with dolphins on Pico

As already mentioned, there is much to explore on Pico. From Pico Airport, embark on a multi-faceted tour of the Azores island. For example, start with one of the popular whale watching tours. Nowhere in the world can you observe so many different species of whales and dolphins as on Pico. Besides just watching the impressive whales, you can also swim with dolphins if you are lucky. Which whale species can I observe on Pico? All year round you can observe sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, round-headed dolphins and striped dolphins on Pico. In spring, blue whales, sei whales, humpback whales and fin whales are added to the list. If you also want to swim with dolphins, you should take advantage of the swimming season from May - September

Driveboo tip:

Whale watching and swimming with dolphins with a green heart! The Azores were ranked the 2nd best destination for sustainable tourism by National Geographic.

Explore Picos UNESCO World Heritage Site Zona de Adegas

House at the lava vinceyards of Pico

Drive to the UNESCO World Heritage Zona de Adegas

During your stay on Pico, a visit to the lava vineyards is a must. The walls around the many small vineyards make the panorama truly unique. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the landscape to the coast of Pico. The Zona de Adegas are rightly UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are located in the northwest of the island. More vineyards can be found in picturesque villages in the south. With your personal hired car, a trip to this popular attraction of Pico is easily doable.

Hike Portugals highest mountain or at least take a view on it

View on the highest mountain of Portugal

Hike the highest mountain of Portugal on Pico

Hiking and mountain fans are also right on Pico. The Montanha do Pico is the highest mountain of Portugal. You don't need to hike the whole 2351 meters. With your hired car you can drive up to 1200 meters high. The road to the Casa de Montanha is already considered as an absolute highlight. Even if you decide not to hike, you should definitely take this road with your hired car. At the Casa de Montanha you can, if you wish, leave your hired car at a reasonable price and then make your way to the summit of the volcano.

This should be noted:

Attention: the climb is considered very demanding. It takes about 6 hours to get there and back from Casa de Montanha.

Take an excursion around the famous Picos Lagoas

Lagoa Seca on the island of Pico

Explore the famous, easy reachable Picos Lagoas

The breathtaking landscape of Picos includes the Picos Lagoas. These are crater lakes located in the plateau of the island. Probably the best known and most popular crater lake of the island is the Lagoa do Capitao. It is very easy to reach because of its central location. But on your tour you should definitely explore other, undeveloped crater lakes. From Lagoa do Capitao, simply follow the sign "Lagoas". At the end of this road, which is special in itself, Lagoa do Caiado awaits you.

A list of all the beautiful Lagoas of Pico

  • Lagoa do Capitao
  • Lagoa do Caiado
  • Lagoa Seca 
  • Lagoa do Paul
  • Lagoa da Rosada
  • Lagoa do Peixinho

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