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Car rental Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf, the metropolis on the Rhine and the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, is an attractive city with a lot to experience. Especially with a cheaply booked rental car, all destinations in Düsseldorf can be easily reached. The old town, the Rhine-bank promenade, the Rhine tower, the many breweries such as many other sights, should be mentioned in particular. Düsseldorf in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia is also a city for all gourmets and party people.

Use price comparison for car rental in Dusseldorf

Before visiting the Rhine metropolis, it is an advantage to find a cheap rental car on the Internet and book it before your trip. This can then be picked up at Düsseldorf Airport, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the city, directly at the terminal. However, travellers arriving by bus or train can also have their pre-booked rental car made available for collection at the desired location, e.g. Düsseldorf main station or bus station. From here the booked accommodation as well as the many sights can be reached quickly by rental car. A price comparison in advance to be able to book a rental car is usually always an advantage. Car rentals booked directly on arrival at the airport with a car rental company there, can be way more expensive than if you compare prices and book online with

Airport Distance to city centre IATA-Code
Dusseldorf Airport  7 km DUS

Car rental in Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf is also often referred to as the city of the rich and beautiful. Who does not know the famous KÖ, the Königsallee in the heart of the city, where many well-known designers from all over the world are based. Therefore part of the perfect city trip in Düsseldorf is also to drive over this road with an appropriately booked car, for example a Porsche or a Mercedes SL. Especially those who are clever about the price comparison on the internet can find such models cheap and book them for several days.  After a stroll through the shops you can eat in either one of the typical Düsseldorf restaurants or in a luxury restaurant, it is up to your own taste.

From car rental to the old town of Dusseldorf

During the day as well as in the evening a visit to the fascinating old town of Düsseldorf should not be missing. It is easy to get there with your rental car. Sufficient parking spaces are available. The narrow alleys, the old churches and the distinguished, old trading houses here already offer a charming picture during the day, but in the evening the old town of Düsseldorf is filled with life. Then many trendy bars, clubs and restaurants open their doors. Above all, the traveller who wants to discover Düsseldorf is offered the original Düsseldorf with its slightly rough nature. Anyone who has ever sat at the"longest bar in the world" in one of the pubs will be able to confirm this. With Altbier and Haxen, the Köbesse (that's what they call the waiters here) will tell you one or the other story, it certainly won't be boring. During the day you can visit the many cultur and art institutions of Düsseldorf. These include the Film Museum, the Art Collection of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Museum Kunstpalast. In addition, the Tonhalle, the Schauspielhaus and the Deutsche Oper am Rhein will offer many new impressions, especially for culture lovers. Here, too, the traveler can drive up with his rental car booked at an online car rental agency and park it in a nearby parking lot.

Daring a view from the Rhine Tower

Relatively new is the Rhine Tower in Düsseldorf, which offers a wide view over the Rhine and a part of the beautiful landscape. This square in Düsseldorf can also be easily reached by car. Built between 1972 and 1982, the tower is 240.5 metres high and there is a restaurant at an already very impressive height of 172.5 metres. The special feature here is that the restaurant rotates around its own axis once every hour. It doesn't matter at which of the 180 seats you sit, one can look in any direction within this hour. Those who only want to enjoy the beautiful view without eating, can do so on the observation platform, which is 164 meters high. From here, when the view is clear, the traveller can even see Cologne Cathedral in Cologne. 

The MedienHafen is located directly below the Rhine Tower. Here the viewer is offered listed warehouses, which today are equipped with modern high-tech media. A guided tour here is always worthwhile. Here, the city traveller can also enjoy culinary delights before driving back to their accommodation with the cheaply booked rental car. 

Rhine bank promenade, highly recommended especially in summer

Especially when you travel to Düsseldorf in summer, you can experience a Mediterranean-like attitude to life on the promenade along the banks of the Rhine. If you like, you can park your rented car in the old town or at the MediaPort and stroll from here. Go along the many cafés and bars and watch the ships sailing along the Rhine. After the KÖ, this is the second famous promenade of the city of Düsseldorf, here, not only the tourists but also the locals meet. For example for a boules game. In June, the famous Düsseldorf cartwheels will also compete here at the foot of the old town. These have become the symbol of Düsseldorf and decorate postcards, key rings or similar souvenirs. The young gymnasts, however, who asked for a penny from the bystanders, have unfortunately long since disappeared from the townscape of the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

A detour to one of the two castles of Dusseldorf

Benrath Castle is located in a beautiful park outside the city centre of Düsseldorf. This can also be easily reached with the rental car provided by a car rental company. Museums here in the castle invite you to marvel and discover, such as the "Museum für Europäische Gartenkunst" or the "Naturkunde Museum". The park with its approximately 60 hectares of gardens borders directly on the banks of the Rhine. During a visit to the museum, you can also take a long stroll through the sea of flowers in the gardens. Afterwards, the Schlosscafé is an ideal place for a rest period. The Jägerhof castle, where Napoleon once resided, can also be reached conveniently by rental car. Today it is always worth a visit with the cheap rented car due to the accommodated Goethe museum.

Dusseldorf, the home of a well-known poet

In North Rhine-Westphalia, to be more precise, here in the beautiful state capital Düsseldorf, a poet known far beyond the borders of Germany was born. The birthplace of Heinrich Heine, where he was born in 1797, can still be visited today. If you are interested in all kinds of readings, you should visit the library in the house. You can also get a direct insight into the living area of the house. After the unsuccessful attendance of the school, however, the great poet left his hometown behind him.

Explore Dusseldorf with kids

Even a city trip with children does not have to be boring for them, especially not in Düsseldorf, which is surrounded by a lot of greenery. This is where the Düsseldorf Wildlife Park is located. The Wildlife Park is a very nice destination, especially for smaller children. Here, animals can be fed and petted. While the little ones can let off steam on the park's own playground,  their parents can enjoy a cup of coffee. Another highlight is the Aqua Zoo in the city, here children and adults can take a journey in which the development of the animal world is extensively told. Also this zoo offers enough parking spaces for the cheaply rented car. Last but not least, the Hofgarten, which is located between Königsallee and the old town of Düsseldorf, is also worth a visit. Here not only the little ones will be fascinated by the parrots living in the park. They have come together and expanded here many years ago. It is believed that an outlier couple of these fascinating birds is responsible for the colony growing more and more. Especially from the playground here, the little ones can observe the birds well. Therefore, a short detour to the Hofgarten is always worthwhile between the extensive shopping tours on the KÖ.

Leave the rental car once

If you have booked your rental car in Düsseldorf, you can leave it in good conscience. This is particularly advantageous if an Altbier-Safari has been booked. Here, visitors are guided from Düsseldorf to the various in-house breweries, which are mainly located in the old town. Similar to a wine tasting, the different alto beers can then be tasted. Visits to these breweries alone take the traveller into a completely different world. However, if you travel to Düsseldorf once, you cannot simply get back into your rental car the next day, leave Düsseldorf and the surrounding area and return home. Trying the Altbier is essential to make your trip to Dusseldorf complete.

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