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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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In Duisburg we recommend the following car hire offers

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from 18 £ per day

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Hire a Car in Duisburg

Duisburg and the Ruhr area are always worth a trip. Explore sights like the city hall or the Salvator church. Especially in the warm season, a trip to the surroundings of Duisburg is also recommended. The local recreation area Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord is best reached with your own hired car. Compare and book a cheap hired car in Duisburg and experience the Ruhr area flexibly and independently.

Explore Duisburg flexible by hired car

Duisburg City

Explore all sights of Duisburg on your own

Vacations in Germany will be particularly popular in 2021. The best way to get to know the sights, history and cultural scene of a city is by hiring a car from a car hire company. If you are drawn to the Ruhr region in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, you should definitely pay a visit to the city of Duisburg. Which is the closest airport to Duisburg? The journey can also be made via Düsseldorf Airport, which is only a hired car drive of just under 20 minutes away from Duisburg city center. At Düsseldorf Airport you will find numerous hired car stations of different providers. You can start your trip with the hired car in and around Duisburg flexibly and independently of public transport.

Duisburg - discover the magnificent history of the region

View over Duisburg

Explore the whole history of Duisburg on your own

Duisburg is a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city was first mentioned in a document in 883. In that year, the Normans took over the city, which until then had been in Roman hands. During its eventful history, the city was the seat of several noble families. In the Middle Ages, the whole region, due to its geographically favorable location, developed into an important trading city. During a drive with a hired car through Duisburg and the surrounding area, you can discover the numerous historical traces that are still present in Duisburg today. Monuments from the 10th to 16th century, houses of faith, bridges and industrial culture give an interesting insight into the rich history of the city.

Duisburg's top sights:

  • the town hall
  • the Salvator Church
  • the Lehmbruck Museum
  • the Museum of the German Inland Navigation
  • the Theater at the Marientor

Duisburg - versatile city in North Rhine-Westphalia

What does Duisburg offer culturally? The cultural scene in Duisburg is equally diverse. Theaters, cinemas, concert halls and restaurants offer a rich selection of cultural events. They make for exciting days and evenings in Duisburg. Whether visitors to Duisburg plan an evening at the theater or a concert, or visit a restaurant or bar is entirely up to you. The young flair of the city makes even a walk a highlight. 

Explore the sights in Duisburg by hired car

Duisburg North Landscape Park

Duisburg North Landscape Park

If you're looking for something a little further afield than Duisburg, the best place to go by car is the Duisburg North Landscape Park. The area in North Rhine-Westphalia has a lot to offer: The former coal-mining area has been transformed into a popular excursion and local recreation center since its restructuring. Germany's coal industry has its most important location in North Rhine-Westphalia. A little later, the Aktiengesellschaft für Hüttenbetrieb was founded in Duisburg Meiderich. A company that established the coal and iron alliance. What is the background to "Danke Kumpel"? For many decades, thousands to tens of thousands of coal miners and their families worked and lived in the region. Several generations lived off the earnings that the coal miners brought home. 

Hire a car and visit the Duisburg North region

Duisburg Harbour

Stroll around the Duisburg Harbour

If today you travel to Duisburg North by hired car, you can only sense the former coal mines. On the site, visitors can give free rein to their imagination and love of movement. In addition to climbing and diving, there is even a high wire course in the middle of the former coal mines for the brave. Today, the Duisburg North Landscape Park is also known as a hub for art and culture. This means that interesting events take place there practically every day of the year. These range from major events and trade fairs to theater performances, concerts and readings. The best way to follow the numerous events is in the press or on the Internet. Pick your favourite event and drive directly to the adventure park with your hired car.

Travel comfortable through Duisburg by hired car

Unterwegs auf der Autobahn

Genießen Sie die gute Anbindung von Duisburg

Of course, the city has a wide range of parking options for city travelers and tourists. Parking spaces or underground garages can be found both along the major streets, as well as in alleys or slightly outside. Getting to Duisburg is already quite easy with your own or rented car. The metropolis is easy to reach from all directions. In the immediate vicinity are no less than five highways, which lay a tightly knit road network across the entire urban area. In detail, these are the A3 and A59 freeways, the A40 and the A42. The A524 ends in the southern part of the city and continues from there as a federal motorway. 

Places of interest in NRW, easy to reach from Duisburg: 

Destinations Distance from Duisburg Duration from Duisburg
Bochum 39 KM 0:35 h
Essen 24 KM 0:24 h
Oberhausen 15 KM 0:18 h
Bottrop 24 KM 0:26 h
Hamm 96 KM 1:12 h
Herne 40 KM 0:35 h
Hagen 79 KM 1:02 h
Dortmund 59 KM 0:48 h 

Frequently asked questions about car hire booking Duisburg

How much does a hired car cost in Duisburg? 

View over Duisburg

Book a cheap hired car in Duisburg

Book a hired car in Duisburg for one day

You can book a hired car in Duisburg from as little as 18 £ per day. A hired car provides the necessary variety even for short stays. 

Book a hired car in Duisburg by the week

If you plan a longer stay in Duisburg, you can book a hired car already from 121 £ per week. The Ruhr area is ideal to explore it with your own hired car. Thanks to the one-way rental, you can pick up your hired car in Duisburg and drop it off at another location. 

Small car hire in Duisburg

Especially in cities, a small car is recommended due to busy city traffic. You can book a compact car in Duisburg from as little as per day. Driveboo is colaborating with all car hire companies in Duisburg, which have a wide range of different car categories.

What should be considered when returning the hired car in Duisburg?


Allow sufficient buffer time for the return of your hired car. Depending on the selected refuelling regulation, you must fill up your hired car accordingly before returning it. To do this, simply go to the nearest gas station near your chosen car hire company. Park your hired car at the car hire company's premises and proceed to the car hire company's counter in the same way as for pick-up. A car hire employee will inspect the fuel level and condition of the vehicle. If the condition and fuel level matches the pickup, the blocked deposit amount will be returned to you.

Returning a hired car outside opening hours

You can also easily return your hired car outside opening hours. As a rule, you simply place the vehicle key in the mailbox or safe provided for this purpose. You will receive further information on the return of the hired car outside opening hours when you pick up the hired car. 

What cities are located near Duisburg?

View over Dortmund

From Duisburg to Dortmund by hired car

The following cities are located near Duisburg:

  • Bochum
  • Essen
  • Dortmund
  • Oberhausen
  • Hamm
  • Herne 
  • Hagen

The metropolitan region around Duisburg is home to many exciting cities that are best reached by hired car. The one-way rental service allows you to easily pick up your hired car in Duisburg and conveniently drop it off at another location.

Can I cancel a hired car in Duisburg free of charge? 


Up to 24 hours before the start of the rental period, you can cancel your hired car free of charge without giving any reason. Please note the opening hours of our service team. So if your travel plans change at short notice or the Corona virus throws a spanner in the works, you're on the safe side.

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