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Finding your hired car at Windhoek Airport

Driving with your hired car in Namibia

Finding cheap rental cars to explore whole Namibia

Namibia is a fascinating travel destination. Is Namibia a safe county? Namibia is considered one of the safest countries in Africa and is therefore an ideal travel destination. The connection is incredibly easy thanks to the international airport Windhoek. The best way to get the most out of your safari is to hire a car. On Driveboo you can compare the best prices for rental cars at Windhoek Airport. We only work with reputable international car hire companies to offer the best deals and the widest selection of rental cars. Experience Namibia in a very special and authentic way. Drive to the most beautiful sights of the country and immerse yourself in the African culture.

Exploring the whole beauty of Namibia by hired car

Giraffes in Namibia

Exploring the magnificent country Namibia by car

Where is Namibia? Namibia is located in Southern Africa and borders Angola to the north, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia to the east and the Republic of South Africa to the south. The western border of the country is the cold South Atlantic Ocean. Due to its unique geography and wildlife Namibia is one of the most visited countries on the continent and an ideal destination for safaris. The often untouched nature is protected and preserved by ecological and sustainable tourism. Do I need a visa for Namibia? For tourists from Germany the visa requirement is waived for a stay of up to 90 days. A so-called "Visitor entry permit" is stamped into the passport at the entry border crossings and airport. Here you should check immediately if the time period for the planned journey is sufficient.

Namibia: a fascinating and independent country in Africa

Church in the capital Windhoek

German and African influence the culture the most

Namibia was the last country in Africa to achieve state independence in 1990 and has a history marked by oppression. Namibia is a multi-ethnic state with different influences of ethnic groups and history. Some of Namibia's African cultures are among the oldest in the world. Before the First World War, Namibia was colonized by Germans, after that it was part of South Africa for over 70 years. Can the German influence be felt in Namibia? German and African culture have the strongest influence on life in Namibia. This can be seen in different aspects: different festivals (Carnival is celebrated in Windhoek), at the food (mix of German and African dishes), Wilhelminian architecture. About 30.000 of the 2 million Namibians speak German as their mother tongue (equal parts white and black Namibians) and you can get by with German as well as English: Germans generally have a good reputation, but the African cultures and languages in the country should also be respected.

Exploring the capital Windhoek with your hired car

View over the capital Windhoek

Exploring the capital Windhoek easiest by car

Windhoek is Namibia's capital and the country's largest city with about 400,000 inhabitants. It lies in the geographical center of the country at an altitude of 1,600 m. This is the city where most safaris through Namibia start and your arrival in Namibia should also be by plane. The city was written "Windhoek" during the German colonial period and is sometimes still referred to as such in German. The name is pronounced Wind-huk because an "oe" is pronounced in Dutch and Afrikaans like the "u" in German.

Information about the Windhoek airport

Windhoek Airport (WDH), full name Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA) is the international commercial airport of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. It is located about 41 kilometers east of the city and is the largest airport in the country in terms of passenger volume, with about 800,000 passengers per year.

the Windhoek airport offers everything you need for your trip

Strolling around the Windhoek airport

The Windhoek airport is modern and convenient

The airport has an operational passenger terminal, a former passenger terminal (today only handling of V.I.P.s) as well as a cargo terminal and two runways. Several international car hire companies have settled on the airport premises. There is also an ATM machine, a NamPost post office, international telephone and fax facilities, restaurants and bars as well as duty-free facilities and exchange offices. There is free internet access via Wi-Fi / WLAN in some areas of the airport building. The airport is connected to the city of Windhoek by bus and cab services.

Choosing between the following international hired car providers:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Imperial

Arriving the Windhoek Airport easily from all over the world

Airlines Destinations from Germany 
Air Namibia Frankfurt (FRA)
Condor Frankfurt (FRA), during specific season: Munich
Eurowings Cologne/Bonn, during specific season: Munich
Plane arriving at the Hosea Kutako Airport

Due to the international airport arriving is easy

The national airline Air Namibia uses the airport as its home base and offers - depending on the season - six to seven weekly direct flights to Frankfurt am Main, regional flights to various African destinations (including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Luanda, Lusaka) and flights within Namibia. Qatar Airways flies four times a week directly to and from Qatar, which can be reached from many German airports: On November 11, 2014, Condor began connecting the airport directly with Frankfurt twice a week, and since July 6, 2016 (seasonally) also once a week with Munich. The connections will be discontinued from October to March for the low season. In addition, Eurowings launched two weekly connections from Cologne/Bonn on July 12, 2017. This will be expanded to three connections, twice to Munich and once to Cologne/Bonn, from May 2018. This makes the flights to Germany the most frequent European connections from Windhoek Airport.

Arriving the city center of Windhoek from the airport

Good connection from the airport to the city

Good connection from the airport to the city

The Namibian road network is well developed and covers all inhabited areas of the country. It is about 45,000 kilometers long, about 80 percent of which are unpaved roads, mostly with a gravel base layer, which are maintained regularly or as needed with a grader. Only the national roads, some main roads and the most important inner city roads (about 6700 kilometers) are asphalted. In Namibia, as in all neighboring countries except Angola, left-hand traffic prevails. However, four-wheel drive is generally not required. A four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle can be useful during the rainy season, as rivers, which are dry most of the year, carry water at times, bridges are only common on highways. Since all-terrain vehicles are more robust than passenger cars, they are less prone to breakdowns on bad roads. An international driving license is required. Although credit cards are widely used, cash is usually required for refuelling. Petrol is about 10% cheaper than in South Africa. Away from the big cities (especially in the desert areas in the west) you should take every opportunity to refuel, as there are not public gas stations in every small town.

The road system around and beyond the Windhoek airport

Due to its central location and because it is the capital, Windhoek is located at the junction of several roads. The B1 in north-south direction on the one hand and the B6 in east direction to Botswana. In addition, to the west the C28 towards Swakopmund and the C26 towards Walvis Bay. The B2 from Swakopmund, which merges into the B1 north of Windhoek and the B6 from Windhoek to the east forms the Trans-Kalahari-Motorway.

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