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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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In Sylt we recommend the following car hire offers

from 34 £ per day
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Good offers for a small budget

e.g. VW Polo
7 Days from 29.08 - 05.09.2024
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from 35 £ per day

Alone on the road or only with small baggage? Then this will be sufficient!

e.g. Fiat 500
7 Days from 29.08 - 05.09.2024
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from 67 £ per day
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e.g. Toyota Aygo
7 Days from 29.08 - 05.09.2024
Example vehicle

Exploring Westerland and Sylt by hired car

Sylt is the most popular North Frisian island in Germany. With just under 20.000 inhabitants, it is also the largest. For vacationers and visitors, the unique dune landscape and the famous flair of Westerland have a special charm. The good roads of the island invite to extensive exploration tours with the hired car. With Driveboo you can find the best deals on Sylt car hire with price comparison and direct booking!

Through Sylt in summer

Beach in Sylt

In the summertime, Sylt is full of tourists. Understandable, because it can be wonderful relaxing on the gorgeous dune beaches. In addition, it is also a very popular destination for allergy sufferers, because the special stimulating climate on the island stimulates the metabolism and helps to breathe freely. Whether you prefer to lie relaxed on a more secluded beach to enjoy the sun there, or whether you prefer action on the beach, with playing volleyball and trying stand-up paddling, is up to you. Because with a hired car you can easily reach both, depending on what you feel like doing. Of course, you don't have to spend every day at the beach and sea, you can also go to the cities, discover restaurants and cafes there or just go on a shopping tour.

On Sylt there are numerous destinations that want to be discovered. However, nothing beats an individual discovery tour, where you can let yourself drift. For inspiration, below is a selection of popular destinations that are worth a drive. As you can see, there is a lot waiting for you in Sylt in spring, with a hired car you can reach the whole island without any problems.

Beach in Sylt
  • Old Frisian House
  • Braderup Heath
  • Wadden Sea Protection Station
  • Ancient burial mound Denghoog
  • Village church of St. Niels
  • Hindenburg Dam
  • Sansibar Sylt
  • Red Cliff
  • Lighthouse Hörnum
  • Cemetery of the homeless

How do I best hire a car on Sylt?

Beach and Bridge in Sylt

There are numerous car hire companies on Sylt, mainly placed around Westerland train station and around Sylt Airport (GWT). Just decide on the location that best suits your travel plans. If you are travelling by plane to Sylt, a generous selection of providers awaits you directly at the terminal. The variety of providers ensures that enough rental cars for every need and every category are available on Sylt. Thanks to Driveboo you get a detailed overview of the available cars from all providers. Compare the prices and save money in the end!

Hire a car Sylt: Where can the hired car be parked?

Beach in Sylt

Due to its popularity and crowds, Sylt residents often struggle with crowded parking lots. Accordingly, parking on Sylt can be expensive if not known how. Therefore, it is cheaper to avoid parking at the roadside. Since March 2017, the parking fees were increased in Westerland at parking ticket machines for roadside parking. Therefore, it is important to avoid these parking places and park in official parking lots and parking garages. The fees are significantly lower. Outside the city, you will find plenty of parking at popular hot spots.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Houses and lighthouse on Sylt

Whether you need to pay a security deposit depends on the type of insurance you choose and your rental agency. In most cases, you will be expected to pay a security deposit. The amount of the deposit also depends on several factors. Some providers generally charge first-time customers a deposit, even if "full coverage with no deductible" is chosen. Others charge higher deposits for higher-value car types. If there are no complications during the rental period, the deposit is returned to the credit card. Most of the time, the credit card holder must also be the driver, which is why you should bring a credit card with your name and sufficient coverage.

Hired car Sylt: refuelling

Fueling on Sylt is generally not a problem. Although the supply of gas stations is not really abundant, the island is small enough to to find a gas station even with an almost empty tank. Unfortunately, petrol and diesel prices on Sylt are somewhat higher than on the mainland. If you are on the island for a longer time, it may well be worthwhile to fill up the canister on a day with cheaper petrol prices.

Panorama of Sylt

Who can I contact in an emergency?

On Germany's roads, the ADAC is an excellent contact when it comes to minor breakdowns or problems. If your insurance package includes an emergency service, you can contact your rental agency directly. In case of accidents, of course, the police must be called. In case of injuries, you should notify the local emergency service and call an ambulance.

Emergency service Phone number
Police 110
Fire brigade 112
Breakdown service ADAC 0 180 2 22 22
Car on Sylt
Car on a street in Sylt

Discover Sylt by hired car

A hired car is the perfect companion for an eventful Sylt holiday. It is fantastic to drive down the coastal roads behind the dunes and discover the beaches. There are numerous parking lots on the island at popular starting points for hikes and the most famous sights. If you are planning a round trip, for example with continued travel to Denmark or Schleswig-Holstein, you can leave the island relaxed by car train or ferry. Talk to your car hire company beforehand, especially if you plan to travel abroad.

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