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Car hire Lörrach: Explore Baden-Württemberg by car

View of Lörrach and Castle

Lörrach in southern Baden lies in picturesque surroundings in the Markgräflerland region. At the same time, the city is part of the trinational metropolitan area of Basel. The Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport is located just 14 kilometers away in Alsace. Thus, with a hired car from a car hire agency you can reach Lörrach from the airport in no time. Moreover, through our portal you are sure to find a car hire that is cheap and from where you can pick up your hired car directly at the airport. With a car hire at the airport brokered through us, you get offers that are favorable and clarify all questions regarding insurance and deposit.

In spring and summer with the hired car through Lörrach and surroundings

Lörrach in summer

In spring and summer, when the temperatures are better again and you can do more, it is worthwhile to discover the sights during a city trip. Particularly conveniently located directly in the city center is the Burghof Lörrach. This multifunctional cultural and event center offers such things as conferences, concerts, theater and other cultural events. Here you will also find the Lörrach Information Center.
Also worth a visit is Lörrach's Dreiländermuseum. This offers, in addition to changing interesting special exhibitions, also a permanent exhibition on the history and present of the three countries encompassing the region. By car you can also very quickly reach the Sculptor Rudolf Scheurer Foundation in the Brombach district. This museum shows sculptures, reliefs and graphics by Rudolf Scheurer. In addition, there is also an art museum directly on site with works by the painter Paul Ibenthaler from Lörrach. With a hired car you can get everywhere even in spring and summer and do whatever you feel like doing.

Taking the car to the capital of "German Tuscany"

Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport

Once you arrive at the destination of your trip from the airport in your hired car, you will find yourself in a region that is also known as "The Tuscany of Germany" for good reason. For Lörrach is the largest city in the Markgräflerland, which is known for its particularly good climate: from the Rhone Valley flows over the Burgundian Gate mediterranean air into the Markgräflerland. This provides a very mild climate with particularly many sunny days and with the highest temperatures in all of Germany.
Lörrach is particularly conveniently located if you want to explore the region by car with a hired car picked up at the airport. The beautiful Markgräflerland stretches from the southwestern foothills of the Black Forest, with the picturesque Kander Valley and Wiesental, to the Upper Rhine Valley, where the city of Lörrach is located, which is also called the "capital" of the region. By hired car, you can also reach Schopfheim, the oldest town in the Markgräflerland, very quickly from there.

The city is located in the heart of a trinational Eurodistrict

View of Lörrach

Lörrach, located in the far southwest of Germany, is also ideal for further exploration by hired car. In the north of the city the foothills of the Black Forest already begin, in the south Lörrach borders directly on Switzerland. It is definitely worthwhile to hire a car here. Because with the car you are already in shortest time in the Rhine Valley and in the cities Weil am Rhein and Basel. Via our online platform you are guaranteed to find a car hire that will offer you suitable car hire that is also reasonably priced.
Lörrach is about five kilometers away from the border triangle Germany-France-Switzerland and belongs to the trinational Eurodistrict Basel. This has the great advantage that the, with about 50.000 inhabitants only medium-sized city is directly connected to an international airport.
In addition, there is also an urban flair in addition to romantic landscapes. Thus the Eurodistrict Basel counts scarcely 830.000 inhabitants. If you hire a car through the Driveboo portal in one of the car hire companies there, you will be very quickly in the French city Mulhouse as well as in the German city Freiburg.

Lörrach Highlights: What car hire destinations are there to discover in and around Lörrach?

View of Lörrach at night
  • Castle Rötteln
  • Old marketplace
  • New marketplace
  • Castle courtyard Lörrach
  • Tri-country museum
  • Sculptor Rudolf Scheurer Foundation
  • Stettener Schlösschen
  • Rosenfels Park
  • Hebelpark
  • Grütt Landscape Park
Romantic Castle Rötteln
Burg Rötteln in Lörrach

The diverse offerings of this region include numerous sights that are excellent to reach with a hired car from a car hire agency. Particularly striking is the landmark of Lörrach: the castle Rötteln. This is one of the largest castle complexes in southern Baden. From the castle, which is situated on a mountain, a fantastic view of Lörrach with its surrounding communities and of Basel in Switzerland opens up.
The first documented mention of Rötteln Castle dates back to 1259. Presumably, the oldest parts of the castle even go back to the early 11th century. In the meantime destroyed and dilapidated, the remains of the castle were secured in the 20th century and reconstructed in parts. From mid-March to the end of October Rötteln Castle can also be visited from the inside.

The Old and the New Marketplace
Buildings in Lörrach

Lörrach's special offerings also include a pedestrian zone centrally located around the Old Marketplace. In some places, such as Kirchenstrasse, standardized "model houses" dating back to 1756 can still be found here. The Old Marketplace is also ideal as a starting point for an exploration of the Lörrach Sculpture Trail. This offers 22 stations with imaginative fountains and sculptures.
West of the Old Market Square is Lörrach's New Market Square, which is particularly known for its weekly market: the Lörrach weekly market already exists since the beginning of the 15th century and is known as one of the largest and most beautiful weekly markets in the entire region. Here attract on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday diverse offers.
These include typical products from the region, which are usually offered for sale by the producers. Here you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious bread and good cake, alcoholic beverages and flowers. In addition, there are mostly also regional specialties, such as cheese, meat, pasta, mushrooms and jams. Due to the uniquely favorable climate, offerings likewise include locally grown peaches, artichokes and eggplants.

Castles and parks in Lörrach
Vineyard in Lörrach

Actually, the "Stettener Schlösschen" is a castle only in name. But this former mansion in the style of the Renaissance from the 17th century is extremely worth visiting with its marked stair tower, late Gothic building elements and small park.
From the airport, you can also reach one of Lörrach's parks very quickly by car. Among these is the Rosenfels Park, located in the south of Lörrach. This park includes the Villa Rosenfels built in 1876, as well as a small animal park and a concert shell from 1965. This concert shell is, in addition to the Old Market Square, the second location of the popular Lörrach Voices Festival.
Very conveniently located, directly in the city center, is the Hebelpark. This was only 2016 completely newly rebuilt and houses a large statue of the regional home poet Johann Peter Hebel, as well as the Villa Aichele.
With the hired car you are also very quickly in the landscape park Grütt, which was created on the occasion of the regional garden show in 1983. This park is the largest green space of Lörrach. It includes the small Grütt Lake, a stream running through the entire park and a rose garden.

Bond, insurance and one-way rental

Basel on the Rhine, near Lörrach

Basel on the Rhine, near Lörrach

With a car hire brokered by us, you can of course take out a insurance with full coverage without deductible, which also applies to a possible additional driver. In addition to insurance with full coverage without deductible, which also includes the additional driver, the many attractive offers also include the possibility of one-way rental.
If you want to make a round trip with the rented car, so you can pick up the car with a one-way rental conveniently at the airport and deliver later in Lörrach or another city. Our portal shows you many attractive offers for hiring a car, such as one-way rental, insurance with fully comprehensive coverage without deductible even for an additional driver. With us you clarify all questions to insurance and security deposit, an additional driver and get guaranteed a hired car for Lörrach, which fulfills all your requirements and which is besides favorable.

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