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Car rental in Donauwörth

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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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With a population of about 20,000, Donauwörth is a peaceful town inhabited by friendly locals. The town functions as a bustling economic hub which blends seamlessly with its historical essence.

Language and Currency

The common language is German, but English is widely understood. The currency is Euro, so don't forget to get your pounds exchanged.


Donauwörth enjoys a moderate continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. Be sure to pack clothing suitable for the current season.

Experience Donauwörth

Historical Attractions

Delve into Bavaria's past at monuments like the gothic-style Minster St. Georg and the historic Reichsstrasse with many beautiful Renaissance buildings.

Neighbourhoods and Surrounding Cities

Take advantage of Donauwörth's central location for a day trip. Munich and Augsburg are less than an hour's drive away.

Seasonal Events

Catch the festive spirit in events like Adventsmarkt (an advent market), Tillyfest (celebrating the town's history), and Fasching (a carnival).

Going about in Donauwörth

Car Rental Tips

Driving on the right-hand side might need some time to adapt for Brits. Make sure to rent a car with automatic transmission to make your driving experience stress-free.

Parking and Mobility

Most hotels provide parking spaces. There are also public parking areas across town. Watch out for the "P" sign - it signals a car park's location.

Speed Limits and Traffic Rules

Urban speed limit in Germany is generally 50 km/h. However, this might vary, so always obey the road signs. Remember, drinking and driving is a serious offense in Germany.

Driving Routes

Enjoy scenic routes like the Alpine Road that stretches from Lindau to Schönau.

Making Memories in Donauwörth

Explore Nature

Explore the lush Danube Valley or tour the River Wörnitz with guided boat cruises. Plenty of hiking and biking trails are also available.

Culinary Experiences

Taste local Bavarian cuisine such as bratwurst, pretzels or Weisswurst (white sausages). Also, don't forget to try the local Bavarian beer!

Donauwörth is waiting for you. Reserve your perfect car rental now and gear up for a fantastic holiday!

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