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Car hireal Bilbao: Discover the Basque Country by hireal car

Bilbao, the capital of the Spanish province of Biscay, is the perfect destination if you like the atmosphere of Spanish cities. The metropolis is the largest city in the autonomous region of the Basque Country. A little more than a million people live here. Many of the holidaymakers and day tourists explore the city and its surroundings by hireal car. On Driveboo you can compare offers and find a cheap car that is best suited for you.

Many interesting destinations are best reached by hireal car. Cheap offers for hireal cars are available all year round. As there are many hours of sunshine due to the Mediterranean temperatures the months May to October are the best time for a holiday by hireal car. It is also worthwhile to book a cheap hireal car with an open top, a convertible.

Hireal car Bilbao: Pick-up at the airport

Start your tour with a hireal car at Bilbao Airport (BIO). The international commercial airport is approached by nearly all well-known airlines of the world. Offers for cheap flights can be booked all year round.

Airport Designation Distance to city center IATA code
Aeropuerto de Bilbao 12 km BIO

Holidaymakers can hire their hireal car cheaply even before they start their journey. Like that you will start your holidays more relaxed and you will find the most favorable offers with the travel planning already in advance. If you have found your hireal car bargain via the price comparison, you can pick it up right after your arrival at Bilbao airport. You can also hire a car on the spot using the online price comparison service. During the high season it is recommended to check the car hire offers up to two weeks in advance and to choose the best offer from home.

Simply enter the desired travel dates, vehicle model, insurance and additional services in the search mask and select the offer that is most favourable for you. We always try to present all offers as price transpahire as possible - so you don`t only book with TÜV-certified safety guarantee, but also without nasty surprises.

If you are not able to make use of your hireal car booking - no problem - thanks to the cancellation service there is the possibility to cancel your hireal car free of charge until 24 hours before the start of the hireal period!

In any case, picking up your hireal car at the airport is the most pleasant option, as the airport is located about ten kilometres outside of the city of Bilbao. There is no train connection to Bilbao. Although there is a bus station at which the shuttle buses to Bilbao stop at regular intervals, the trip by hireal car to the metropolis of the Basque Country is always cheaper and much more comfortable. By the way, there are only twenty minutes by car to Bilbao.

Explore Bilbao and its Old Town by hireal car

An extraordinary destination in Bilbao and an important stop on a round trip through the city is the magnificent Old Town. It is characterized by the "Seven Roads". The inhabitants and visitors also call it "Siete Calles". The "Seven Streets" on the right bank of the Ria can be reached by hireal car. Although the "Siete Calles" gave name to the entire old town, there are of course much more streets and small lanes that radiate their typical Spanish charm.

As usual in many cities in Spain, countless traditional and modern shops are lined up here in a very small space. There are offers of big international fashion chains and special, country-typical offers of smaller clothes shops door to door. With this abundance of offers, it is worth parking your hireal car in a multi-storey car park and exploring the old town by foot. Then you will also find hidden small shops that sell famous berets. There are numerous hotels in the old town. If you need a room you should book one in advance. Bilbao is actually fully booked for weeks during the season. Just as you should book the hireal car sufficiently in advance, accommodation must be booked in time. There are usually cheap offers all year round - so a thorough price comparison is always worthwhile.

The market hall in Bilbao

Travellers who explore Bilbao by hireal car should not miss the market hall in the Old Town. You can find it easily when driving around in your hireal car. Just drive to the southeastern section of the old town. The rough point of orientation is the river, as the market hall, Mercado de la Ribera, is located directly at the bank of the Nervion. The building's colourful stained glass windows are a distinctive external feature. The range of food in the hall includes everything that makes Spanish cuisine so special. These include the fresh delicacies of the sea, vegetables and fruits, pastries and meat. The traders in the hall change constantly. The best way to find the best offers of various foods is to get an overview from the gallery. You can also enjoy inexpensive small delicacies there.

After visiting the market hall, you should make a small diversion around the area. Therefore, park the hireal car in one of the streets and walk towards the river. You will reach San Anton, one of the oldest bridges in the city. The church in the immediate vicinity bears the same name. The bridge was built in the 16th century. The construction of the sacral building already started in the 15th century. It took until the 18th century for the church to be completed. Only then was the construction of the tower completed.

With the convertible through new Bilbao

Due to their special charm, the beautiful old towns in Spain are very popular among most visitors of Spain. When visiting Bilbao, an extended excursion to the new town by hireed car should be on your list. Thanks to the special division of the metropolis, the old town is easy to find even for those who do not know the place. Just follow the river Nervio. It divides the city into two halves. On the eastern side of the river is Ensanche, the new town.

The special feature of the modern centre of Bilbao is its influence by world-famous architects. If you cross the streets in a hireal car, you will be impressed by the buildings on your way. The architectural creations of world-famous architects, which give the newer Bilbao an additional international reputation, are absolutely unique. Frank Gehry, a US American, designed the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. It is regarded as a top address and an important stop during a visit to the metropolis. The handwriting of the Argentine architect César Pelli characterizes the Abandoibarra quarter. The centre is a supermodern shopping centre. In a convertible car you not only have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant temperatures, but will also have a clear view of all the treasures that the city centre of Bilbao has to offer.

With the hireal car to the sights in Bilbao

It`s not possible to tell what the most beautiful stop on a journey through Bilbao is as this is a matter of taste. Many people think that it is the Básilica de Begona. In the list of the favourite sights of the city, it is among the top 5. The church was built on a hill in the year 1588. Like all churches in Spain, it is magnificently equipped. It is only illuminated with candles. Therefore, it is worthwhile to visit it in the evening. Unfortunately, you will not reach the Básilica de Begona directly with your hireal car. You will reach it over a steep stairway if you walk to the top. If this is too exhausting for you, take the elevator. The effort is rewarded with an overwhelmingly beautiful view over Bilbao.

The largest church in the city is the Cathedral of Santiago. It`s built in Gothic style and dates back to the 14th century. The organ is a sound experience. It was already installed in the 17th century. If you want to enjoy its sounds, it is best to stay for church services. The visit to the church does not cost any money. An exception is the visit of the sacristy which will cost you about 1 Euro.

More highlights:

  • Estacion de Santander
  • Plaza Moyua
  • Azkuna Zentroa

By hireal car to the surrounding area of Bilbao

The area around the city of Bilbao is absolutely worth seeing and charming, too. Those who want to hire a convertible and explore the region will find the most wonderful possibilities here. The area around Bilbao has an extraordinary variety of landscapes. Beaches and bays invite you to rest or have a picnic. Don`t forget to take your swimsuits with you!

The cliffs at the Atlantic Ocean offer an absolutely great experience of nature. To reach this area it is favorable to hire an SUV as a hireal car. Thus the Atlantic coast can be explored in any case problem-free. An SUV is also the right vehicle for a diversion to the mountains around Bilbao. Nature lovers will find everything their heart desires.

At the mouth of the Ria, an industrial monument awaits its admirers. The bridge Puente Colgante, also known as Vizcaya Bridge, is made of steel. It was built by Alberto de Palacio, a pupil of the famous G. Eiffel. As the oldest transporter bridge in the world, it connects the villages of Portugalete and Las Arenas. The construction has a height of 50 metres. The special experience is the gondola at the bridge. It takes cars and pedestrians across the river. The view of Bilbao and its surroundings is overwhelming.

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