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Hyundai i10
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Hyundai i10
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Hyundai i10
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Rent a cheap Car and discover Beirut

If you want to visit the interesting city of Beirut in Lebanon, then you can also rent a car here, which you could find cheaply in advance on the Internet via the price comparison. This will then also be provided to you on request at Airport of Beirut on arrival from the local car rental company, so that you can start your well-deserved holiday directly. Beirut offers many sights that can be reached quickly by rental car from the airport.

When is a deposit due for the Rental Car in Beirut?

Even if you were able to find and rent a rental car at a local car rental company using the price comparison, the deposit is still due upon pickup at Beirut airport . This is usually deposited with your credit card. As soon as you return the rental car at the end of your trip, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Insurance for the Rental Car in Beirut

The insurance you take out when you book your rental car on the Internet is important. You should make sure that you are well protected. Therefore a comprehensive cover without excess is highly recommended, even if it seems a little more expensive on conclusion. Because with fully comprehensive insurance without excess you are on the safe side if damage occurs to the rental car. In Beirut in Lebanon, the locals drive differently than you are used to at home and an accident quickly happens, whose costs are then covered in full by the insurance you have taken out.

What does one-way rental in Beirut mean?

The one-way rental means nothing else than that you take the rental car for example at the airport of Beirut, but you want to discover the whole Lebanon by car and return the rental car to another place , because you do not come back to Beirut to fly back home from here. You can return the car to any other branch of the car rental company with the one-way rental.

Car Hire Beirut - Traffic rules in Lebanon

Other countries, different traffic rules, this also applies to you as a driver in Beirut and Lebanon. The important traffic regulations can be found here:

  • You must be at least 23 years old.
  • You should have your driver's license for at least two years to drive a rental car.
  • The driver's license must also be international and must be carried on all journeys, as must the registration documents and the insurance documents.
  • It is important to follow the speed rules, because Lebanon is not a fast country.
Road category highest speed
Inner cities 40 km/h
Out of town 60 km/h
Highways 80 km/h

With the Rental Car to the Omari Mosque in Beirut

By renting a car from a local car hire company, you can go to Omari Mosque, the oldest building in Beirut. The mosque was built in 1187 and used to serve as the temple of Jupiter. During the civil war it was partly destroyed but later rebuilt by donations.

The "Park of Forgiveness" can be reached quickly by rental car

If you searched for a rental car on the Internet before you started your journey by comparing prices and were able to find and rent one cheaply, then you can quickly reach the archaeological park, which today bears the name "Park of Forgiveness" by car of the local car rental company. During the civil war in the 20th century, this district lay largely in ruins. But researchers were able to find many archaeological traces after the war and bring historical sites back to life. But there are also symbols from recent years, such as an olive tree planted here in 2005 for victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York. Ancient Roman baths were also found here and can be visited today.

Drive in the vicinity of Beirut

The unique Nahr-Kadisch Valley is located in the immediate vicinity of the city. If you were able to find and rent an off-road vehicle as a rental car cheaply via the price comparison on the Internet before starting your trip, then you have the ideal car to drive in the surroundings. The valley is over 35 kilometres long and surrounded by rocks up to 1000 metres high. Around the Nahr-Kadischal you also have the possibility to park your rental car, which you could rent on the internet, and to start a hike through lush forests to admire the two oldest trees, which are said to be over 3500 years old. The valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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