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Current offers at the Barcelona Airport

e.g. Smart Forfour or similar or the like
Smart Forfour or similar
from 2 £/day
  • Zero deposit
Ford Ka
from 15 £/day
  • No credit card needed
Ford Ka
from 15 £/day
  • All-round carefree package
Fiat 500
from 8 £/day
e.g. Seat Leon or the like
Seat Leon
from 3 £/day
  • Zero deposit
Nissan Pulsar
from 20 £/day
  • No credit card needed
Nissan Pulsar
from 20 £/day
  • All-round carefree package
Seat Leon
from 10 £/day
Further vehicle classes
e.g. Nissan Qashqai or similar or the like
Nissan Qashqai or similar
from 10 £/day
Station Wagon / Minivan
e.g. Peugeot Partner or the like
Peugeot Partner
from 5 £/day
7 seater
e.g. Opel Zafira or the like
Opel Zafira
from 11 £/day
9 seater
e.g. Volkswagen Caravelle or the like
Volkswagen Caravelle
from 34 £/day
Off-road vehicle (SUV)
e.g. Nissan Juke or similar or the like
Nissan Juke or similar
from 6 £/day
e.g. Fiat 500 Cabrio or the like
Fiat 500 Cabrio
from 15 £/day
Luxury Car
e.g. Nissan Juke or the like
Nissan Juke
from 21 £/day
e.g. Renault Trafic or the like
Renault Trafic
from 73 £/day

Barcelona Airport Car Hire - Information about Barcelona City, Airport and Car Rental

Barcelona is the capital of the province of Catalonia and is not only a Mediterranean city, but also of cosmopolitan importance. Here you will find remains of medieval districts from the Roman era as well as breathtakingly beautiful sights and buildings of the Modernisme-Stis or the avant-garde movements of the 20th century. It is not without reason that many of the emblematic buildings by local architects Lluís Doménech i Montaner and Antoni Gaudí have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The city's origins go back to the time of the Romans. Such a long history, but also Barcelona's economic dynamism, leaves a cultural testimony of great importance. This can be seen, for example, in the city's broad art-historical heritage or in the new artistic trends that are constantly emerging. A wide range of cultural events, including exhibitions, open-air sculptures and exhibitions or a colourful music, dance and theatre programme are also part of this very special city. When you rent a car, you can explore Barcelona's attractions and the surrounding area in a cheap, fast and comfortable way.

Center of Barcelona

Center of Barcelona

Explore the Park Guell in Barcelona

Explore the Park Guell in Barcelona

Barcelona Airport (BCN) - General information

Barcelona Airport is an airport of international importance and is also called El Prat de Llobregat Aereopuerto. The IATA abbreviation of the airport is BCN. It is located about 13 km from the city centre and has two terminals. Terminal 1 is abbreviated to T1, the second terminal consists of three separate buildings. Car hire and travel from El Prat de Llobregat airport in Barcelona to your accommodation.

BCN Airport belongs to the operating company AENA. It also owns other airports in Spain, which is why they are not only clearly arranged but also uniformly arranged. In addition, there are various exhibitions that are regularly presented on the airport grounds, such as exhibitions and guided tours of the airport's operation and history.

Eating and shopping at Barcelona Airport

You can eat and drink at BCN Airport in various restaurants, cafés and bars. You can choose between regional and international cuisine, but you can also buy a small meal at the many snack booths and vending machines. Drinks, whether hot or cold, are available in the various bars of the airport. You can get money at the many banks, currency exchange offices and ATMs located at Barcelona Airport. Bank transactions can also be done at the counter of Bank La Caixa, which is also located in Aeropuerto El Prat de Llobregat. If the bank is closed, you can also use the various ATMs located all over the airport in Barcelona. Withdrawing money, you can get there around the clock. On the ground floor of Terminal A and B there are also various currency exchange offices. There you can exchange money at the current exchange rates.

If you want to call El Prat de Llobregat airport, you can choose one of the many telephone booths in which you can also make international calls. Letters and postcards can be handed in at the post office counter located in Terminal B on the ground floor. In the restaurants, lounge and business center areas, wireless Internet access is also available, which you can use after registering. In addition, there are 19 Internet stations at Barcelona Airport that can be found throughout the building. Of course, there are also several shops at El Prat de Llobregat Airport. There are different shops in each terminal. For example, you can buy clothing and accessories, media, electronics, souvenirs, food, books, newspapers and magazines. But you can also buy at low prices in the duty-free shops located behind the security areas. Souvenirs, spirits, regional products and tobacco are offered tax-free.

Where is luggage collected at BCN Airport?

As in many other airports, Barcelona also offers you the possibility to rent a baggage trolley to carry your bags and suitcases. Luggage lockers are also available if you are staying at the airport for a longer period of time. You can collect your luggage directly after the flight at the appropriate conveyor belt. Information on where it is located can be obtained on board your aircraft or from the flight attendants.

In which terminal is the car rental area located?

Barcelona Airport has five companies offering car rental services. There you can rent a car or pick it up at the pick-up station. The wide range of different vehicles and models is available from Hertz, Avis, Europcar, National Atesta and Sol-Mar. Every car rental company has a service stand on the ground floor. Information on your rental car can be obtained at Terminal 2B or 2C and on the first floor at Terminal 1. select your rental car in advance and book the vehicle you require at a favourable rate on the Internet and then pick it up at the pick-up point.

Where is the pickup point of the car rental at El Prat de Llobregat airport?

Depending on which car hire company you booked a cheap rental car with, the pick-up point is located in a different location. At which pick-up station you can pick up your car, you will be informed by an employee of the chosen car rental company. As a rule, the pick-up station of the respective company is located near the airport, so that you can not only rent your car at a reasonable price, but also get it directly at a nearby pick-up station. For more information, please contact the car rental service point. Explore the area with the car hire company of your choice.

Nearby petrol stations at Barcelona Airport

Located directly on the premises of Barcelona Airport, there is a Galp petrol station, which allows you to fill up your rental car at the pick-up station of the car rental company. The petrol station itself is located at the airport entrance. It is easy to reach by car. At El Prat de Llobregat airport there are road signs indicating the way to the petrol station. At the airport entrance, turn right towards the terminal. The petrol station is on the right-hand side. Even if you want to return your rental car to the car rental company, you can fill up your car again and return it to the car rental company. Rent a car and drive to the centre of Barcelona.

Transport connections around BCN Airport

Would you like to rent a car so that you are mobile in Barcelona and can explore the surroundings in a comfortable way? This is no problem in Barcelona, as the airport is connected to a well-developed transport network from which you can start your rental car. The city highway C31 is also known as Autovia de Castelldefels and takes you directly to the capital of Catalonia. Depending on the traffic, it takes between 20 and 30 minutes to get to the city centre by rental car. However, you can also take the C32 southbound from the motorway. There is a large Mediterranean road connecting all towns and regions on the Costa Brava. The signposting at the airport is excellent for all routes, so you can get there quickly with your rental car.

At the service point of your car rental company, you will also find the information you need on all the routes you need. Rent a car and discover the surroundings of Barcelona.

View over the center of Barcelona

View over the center of Barcelona

Special features of Spanish road transport - rent a vehicle at low cost and drive safely

Street Speed Limit
Within Towns 50 km/h
Country Road 90 km/h
Highway 100 km/h
Motorway 120 km/h

If you are travelling with your rental car in Barcelona and the surrounding area, you can make use of a well developed route network. If you want to explore Barcelona by car, you should adhere to the prescribed speed limits. Also note the alcohol limit of 0.5 per mille in Spain.

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Frequently asked questions about booking a rental car Barcelona Airport

Can I rent a car at the Barcelona Airport without a credit card?
Yes, at the Barcelona Airport you can book a rental car without a credit card.
Can I rent a car at the Barcelona Airport without a deposit?
Yes, you can. Filter the offers by 'bookable without deposit'. All remaining offers can be rented without deposit.
Until when can I return a rental car {at the Barcelona Airport?
In principle, you can return the rental car at any time of the day. It is only important that you return the rental car no later than the time specified at the time of booking.
Do I have to take additional insurance at the Barcelona Airport?
If you book fully comprehensive insurance without a deductible, you do not have to take out additional insurance on-site.
How long do I have to cancel a rental car?
You have up to 24 hours before rental time to cancel.

Questions about the price

What does a rental car cost at the Barcelona Airport?
A rental car at the Barcelona Airport costs on the average 3.63 £ per day.
What does a rental car at the Barcelona Airport cost per week?
A rental car at the Barcelona Airport costs on average 25.43 £ per week 3.63 £ per day).
How much does a rental car at the Barcelona Airport cost for one month?
A rental car at the Barcelona Airport costs on average 108.98 £ for one month (3.63 £ per day).
Which rental car provider is the cheapest at the Barcelona Airport?
OK RENT A CAR is at the Barcelona Airport the cheapest. A rental costs 14.53 £ for 4 days.
What does a small rental car cost at the Barcelona Airport?
A small rental car costs at the Barcelona Airport 3.63 £ per day.
What does a middle-class rental car cost at the Barcelona Airport?
A middle-class rental car costs at the Barcelona Airport 13.37 £ per day.
What does a transporter cost at the Barcelona Airport?
A transporter costs at the Barcelona Airport 105.58 £ per day.
How high is the deposit for a rental car at the Barcelona Airport?
At the Barcelona Airport there are also offers without deposit. For others with a deposit, it begins at 41.53 £.
How high is the liability sum at the Barcelona Airport?
Each rental car is insured at least with the legal liability sum. At the Barcelona Airport there are 7 provider with a liability sum greater than 7.5 million euros.
How high is the fee for young drivers at the Barcelona Airport?
Drivers under the age of 26 often pay a fee. This deviates strongly from the individual offers. We always show you the price including all fees.
How much does it cost to cancel a rental car?
Up to 24 hours prior to rental, cancellation costs nothing.

Questions about car rental providers

Which car rental providers are at the Barcelona Airport?
At the Barcelona Airport there are 16 Supplier: e.g. Goldcar Rental, Rhodium Car rental,, Enterprise, Cars & Camper