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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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In Wiesbaden we recommend the following car hire offers

from 28 £ per day
Basic package

Good offers for a small budget

e.g. Fiat 500
11 Days from 02.08 - 13.08.2024
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from 29 £ per day

Small, agile and economical - that's all it takes!

e.g. Seat Ibiza
11 Days from 02.08 - 13.08.2024
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from 33 £ per day
All-round carefree package

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e.g. Opel Corsa
11 Days from 02.08 - 13.08.2024
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Hire a Car in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden, with its many sights, is particularly recommendable for a city trip. Book a cheap hired car and explore the city in a particularly flexible and independent way. An absolute must-see is the city palace built in 1837. We recommend a guided tour through the historic rooms of the castle. Another highlight is the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden: Large events are held here on a regular basis. In the Kurpark you can enjoy the sunset on a wonderful walk and then finish off the evening in one of the numerous restaurants.

Find and compare the best offers for rental cars in Wiesbaden

Schlossplatz in Wiesbaden

Explore the Schlossplatz and other sights in Wiesbaden

Holiday in 2021 is particularly popular in Germany. A hired car allows you many possibilities in Wiesbaden. How many inhabitants does Wiesbaden have? With a good 275,000 inhabitants, the state capital Wiesbaden is the second largest municipality in Hesse. Both the city itself and the surrounding area have a lot to offer visitors. Especially much in Wiesbaden can be experienced if you are travelling with a hired car. Because with a car you are much more flexible and can get to a number of beautiful places, especially in the Rheingau, cheaply. Save yourself time in contrast to public transport. Save money in contrast to the cab.

Arriving Wiesbaden easily from the Airport Frankfurt

Arriving at the Airport Frankfurt

Finding the best deals at the Airport Frankfurt

Usually you arrive by train or plane at the nearby Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Since this airport is the largest airport in Germany, there are all reputable and important car hire companies on site. To save money and time, it is worth comparing prices. When you land, simply go to the counter of your car hire and start your trip comfortably. Thanks to a direct connection to the motorway, the city center of Wiesbaden can usually be reached quickly by hired car. By the way, this variant proves to be particularly favorable right from the start. In contrast to the cab, you save yourself an incredible amount of money. Through our price comparison, city trips in Wiesbaden, but also round trips in Hesse become particularly cheap.  

Explore all the sights of Wiesbaden easiest by hired car

In terms of sights, the city of Wiesbaden has a lot of offers for visitors. If the booked hotel is located in the city center of Wiesbaden, it is convenient to leave the hired car in the Car park at or in the hotel. Go on a flexible discovery on foot.

The top attractions of Wiesbaden: 

  • The Nerobergbahn
  • The Kurhaus
  • The Kurpark
  • The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Elizabeth
  • The Museum Wiesbaden
  • The Wilhelmstraße
  • The State Theater and the Opera
  • The Marktchurch

Explore the charming city of Wiesbaden on your own

Casino in Wiesbaden

Auf in den Kurpark zum heutigen Casino!

Wiesbaden is a young city with a lot of charm. A particularly large number of buildings have been preserved in Wiesbaden from the war period. The architecture of the city is also in the Jungstil. Unlike many other places, it is entire streets. Admire the extremely coherent architecture of this city. After your exploration, relax at the spa park. This is laid out on an area of 7.5 hectares in the style of a typical English landscape park. If you go there, you should definitely take a look at the magnificent interiors of the Kurhaus. Today, among other things, a casino is operated there. It is also recommended to stroll along the boulevard of Wilhelmstraße with its many, mostly highly exquisite, stores. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the city, you should take the train of the same name up to the Neroberg. For friends of sophisticated bathing culture, a visit to the Kaiser Friedrich Therme in Wiesbaden is also recommended.

Explore the Rhine-Main area by hired car

View over the cathedral in Mainz

Explore the Mainz cathedral and other sights

Enjoy the full benefits of your hired car and take a tour of Hesse. From Wiesbaden you can easily reach Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt and many other places in the Rhine-Main area at a reasonable price.

Mainz is also a former residential city. You will be fascinated by the history of Mainz. Today, it is mainly the old town with its cathedral and the banks of the Rhine that attract the most visitors to the city. What is Mainz known for? Mainz is, next to Cologne and Düsseldorf, an absolute carnival city. 

Magnificent skyline of Frankfurt

Drive along the magnificent skyline of Frankfurt

Beside Mainz, you should definitely Frankfurt am Main. The car can be parked cheaply and centrally in one of the many parking garages. From there, the most important sights of the city are all within walking distance. This is especially true for the centrally located Römerberg. There you can get an impression of the former half-timbered old town of Frankfurt. The hired car can stay in the parking garage for the time being, because with the Paulskirche the next important sight is within walking distance. The first democratically elected German parliament met there in 1848. To explore the modern Frankfurt with its impressive skyline, it is recommended to pick up the hired car. The skyscrapers are mostly headquarters of major banks, as Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank as the guardian of the euro. The city enjoys a corresponding importance as a financial center. Where is the best view in Frankfurt? The most interesting view is from the observation deck of the Maintower. This can be reached by elevator. Here, too, the hired car can be parked cheaply nearby in the parking garage.

Top cities to explore nearby Wiesbaden:

Destination in Hesse Distance from Wiesbaden Travel time from Wiesbaden
Mainz 16.9 km 23 min
Frankfurt am Main 39.0 km 41 min
Darmstadt 45.3 km 39 min

Satisfaction with MietwagenCheck
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Frequently asked questions about car hire booking Wiesbaden

How much does a hired car in Wiesbaden cost?

Casino Wiesbaden

Discover Wiesbaden with a hired car

A cheap hired car is available from as little as 195 £ per week. We compare the prices of all reputable car hire companies and show you the best offer, so you have the right hired car for every occasion at the best conditions.

Book a car for your business appointment

If you are travelling to Darmstadt for a business appointment, you can hire a station wagon or an SUV from 34 £ per day. This way you will surely impress your business partners.

Book a family car

A family car is already available for 238 £ per week. Here, everyone will find enough space and you can look forward to an unforgettable trip.

Book a convertible or sports car

If you only need a hired car for one day, you can hire it for as low as 28 £ per day.

Where can I book a hired car in Wiesbaden?

Castle in Wiesbaden

You can pick up your hired car at different locations

You can pick up your hired car in different stations in the city. You can find our partners and their opening hours at the following locations in Mainz:

  • Enterprise (Hohenstaufenstraße 12 - opening hours: Mon-Fri 07:30-18:00; Sat: 08:00-12:00; Sun: closed)
  • Budget (30-32 Rheingaustrasse  - opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00; Sat: 08:00-11:00; Sun: closed)
  • Globalrent (Wiesbadener Str. 65 - opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00; Sat: 08:00-10:00; Sun: closed)
  • Sunny Cars (Wiesbadener Str. 65 - opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00; Sat: 08:00-10:00; Sun: closed)

Can I pick up the hired car in Wiesbaden and return it at another location?

Women with Car Keys

We offer one-way rentals

You can also return the hired car to a car hire agency at another city, such as Mainz or Frankfurt am Main. To do this, simply change the return location in the search mask and look forward to an exciting road trip. For the so-called one-way rental, additional fees apply.

Book an additional driver

If you plan to be on the road longer, you can specify an additional driver. This way you can take turns driving the hired car and everyone can enjoy the view for once. In some offers, an additional driver is already included in the rental price.

Can I cancel the hired car free of charge?


If you decide not to go ahead with your trip as planned, you can cancel the hired car free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the rental period. In case the Corona Virus and therefore possible travel restrictions prevent you from travelling, you are on the safe side. Thanks to the option to cancel your hired car free of charge, you are particularly flexible.

Can I book a child seat for the hired car in Wiesbaden?

Child in child seat

Book a child seat for your hired car

Childseats are available

You can specify desired extras such as a child seat when booking the hired car in the reservation form under the item "Additional equipment" or alternatively in the field "Message to our service team". The applicable fees for this can be found in the rental terms and conditions and are usually payable upon acceptance of the hired car on site.

Book a navigation device or additional driver

In addition, you can select inclusive services such as a navigation device or an additional driver in Wiesbaden. To do this, simply set the filter under "Included services" accordingly. With the appropriate extras and inclusive services, nothing more stands in the way of a pleasant trip to Wiesbaden.

What is the minimum age to hire a car in Wiesbaden?

Young women with licence

You can already book a hired car with 18 years

You can already book your own hired car at the age of 18. To do this, simply enter the age in the search mask and select the appropriate hired car for your plans in Wiesbaden.

The young driver fee

 For drivers under 25 years, there is usually a so-called "young driver fee", which is usually already included in the displayed rental price.

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