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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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In Weeze we recommend the following car hire offers

from 31 £ per day
Basic package

Good offers for a small budget

e.g. Fiat 500 Electric
9 Days from 27.09 - 06.10.2024
Example vehicle
from 34 £ per day

Alone on the road or only with small baggage? Then this will be sufficient!

9 Days from 27.09 - 06.10.2024
Example vehicle
from 45 £ per day
All-round carefree package

This way nothing can go wrong - carefree and all inclusive!

e.g. Fiat 500
9 Days from 27.09 - 06.10.2024
Example vehicle

Embedded in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Weeze is known for its rich history and rustic charm. With beautiful landscapes and a quaint village environment, it offers something for everyone.

Driving in Weeze

Important Traffic Rules

German traffic rules might differ slightly from the UK. Remember to drive in the right-hand lanes unless you're overtaking. Seat belts are compulsory for all passengers and children aged under 12 must not sit in the front seat. Drink driving limits are also stricter in Germany, with a limit of 0.05%.

Speed Limit

The speed limits in Weeze are as follows:

  • Urban areas: 50 km/h
  • Non-urban areas: 100 km/h
  • Highways: a recommended maximum speed of 130 km/h (80 mph), unless indicated otherwise.

Parking Your Rental Car

Parking is relatively straightforward in Weeze. Both on-street parking and car parks are available. Remain vigilant for signposts indicating parking regulations to avoid fines.

Exploring Weeze by Car

A rental car provides the freedom to uncover the gems in and around Weeze. Picture yourself meandering through the country roads, rolling past fields of green or venturing into neighbouring cities such as Düsseldorf and Cologne!

Must-See Attractions

Be sure to visit the historic Weeze Castle, an architectural marvel that spans back to the 14th century. The local Weeze Animal Park is a perfect family outing, housing over 500 animals of diverse species.

Weeze Climate

Weeze's weather is milder than that of the UK with temperatures ranging from 2°C in winter to 24°C in summer. So, remember to check the forecast and pack your clothes accordingly.


Weeze, like the rest of Germany, uses the Euro (€) as its official currency. Credit cards are commonly accepted, but it's advisable to have some cash on hand for smaller establishments.

Seasonal Events

Weeze boasts a variety of events throughout the year. Check out the popular Weeze Fair in May or the open-air "Summer Circus" festival in July. It's always a good idea to check the local calendar for events during your visit.

Weeze Airport

Weeze Airport is a major gateway to the region, serving over 1.5 million passengers a year. Picking up a rental car here offers the most convenient way to begin your adventure.

Final Tip

Enjoy Weeze at your pace and comfort. With your very own rental car, see where your adventure leads you next in this beautiful German destination. Safe travels!

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