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Car rental in Split

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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

To cancel, simply let our service team know within our opening hours.

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In Split we recommend the following car hire offers

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e.g. Suzuki Celerio
5 Days from 29.08 - 03.09.2024
Example vehicle

Discover Split in Croatia by hired car

View of Split

Located in Dalmatia, Split is the second largest city in Croatia after Zagreb. It was built on a peninsula along the Croatian Adriatic coast. Its old town, together with Diocletian's Palace dating back to Roman times, has been considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. Compare the offers of the car rentals in Split on Driveboo and book your hired car in Split easily via our online platform.

Exploring the most diverse beaches in summer with your hired car

Summer is the perfect season in Croatia for lying on the beach during the day, sunbathing and occasionally cooling off in the sea. With a hired car, you can lie on a different beach every day in different cities and then explore the city center there in the evening, when the temperatures have cooled down a bit. With the hired car you are always flexible on the road. Orient yourself by the following table, which we have compiled especially for you.

Beach & Cocktail bar Bamboo in Zadar

Bar on the beach in Zadar

Beach in Split

Beach in Split

Beach Distance to Split Duration with a hired car
Bačvice Beach approx. 2 km approx. 4 min
Kasjuni Beach approx. 8 km approx. 20 min
Solaris Camping Beach Resort, Šibenik approx. 35 km approx. 95 min
Punta Rata Beach, Brela approx. 52 km approx. 65 min
Beach of Makarska approx. 85 km approx. 65 min
Puntamika Beach, Zadar approx. 165 km approx. 120 min

Hire a car in Split: Best directly at the airport

Since the Split Airport (SPU) is around 25 kilometers from the city center, it's worth considering one of the numerous car hire offers already there. But do not worry if you come to the city by other means! Rental cars are offered in Split in many parts of the city and by selected hotels. Why not do the check and see if your hotel, if you already have one, offers its own car hire!

Important Driving Information

Split illuminated in the evening

Since the expansion of Croatia's motorway network, a toll is incurred when driving on the motorway. The amount of the toll is based on the number of kilometers travelled and works as follows: when entering the motorway, a toll coupon is drawn and when leaving, the distance travelled is accounted for. The distance travelled is then used to calculate the amount to be paid, which you can pay by credit card or cash in kuna, euros or another foreign currency. Per 100 kilometers of toll road, you will have to pay about 8 euros, or around 60 kuna. You will receive kuna as change, even if you pay with another currency. Keep in mind that the lane at the exit of the motorway decides the payment process: credit card payment on the left, cash on the right.

Despite tolls still vignettes?

In Croatia itself, due to the regulation with the freeway toll no vignette is needed. However, for trips with the hired car beyond the country's borders, one should note that both in Slovenia and in Austria a vignette obligation exists.

Port and boats in Split
Beach in Split
Speed limits in Croatia
  • Interurban: 50 km/h
  • Out of town: 80 km/h
  • Motorway: 100 km/h
  • Motorway: 130 km/h

Where can I find free parking in Split?

Street and houses in Split

Parking in the center of Split turns out to be problematic, especially during the high season. Due to the prevailing traffic chaos, we recommend parking a bit away from the center. Thus, you will find in Zvončac, which can be reached through the tunnel of Marjan within just ten minutes, a large, free parking. Parking is available on the streets around the center. For 5 kuna per hour you can park your hired car during working days (Monday - Friday: 7am-1pm, Saturday: 7am-1pm). In addition, there are numerous parking garages for 15 euros per day available to you.

What insurance do I need for my hired car in Split?

Small island on the beach in Split

The country in which you obtain your hired car does not matter for the required insurance. To be best covered in case of emergency, you should always be on the road with the insurance "fully comprehensive without deductible"and pay attention to a high liability coverage amount. This sum insured should be at least one million euros and in the best case, cover a loss amount of 7.5 million euros.

How to include an additional driver for the hired car

View of port in Split

The beauty of Dalmatia and Croatia as a whole is best enjoyed together. So that you can also enjoy the breathtaking scenery as a passenger, most car hire companies offer the possibility to add an additional driver. This is usually already possible for a small fee per rented day. To find offers that include an additional driver free of charge from the outset, an online comparison is recommended in advance.

When is a trip to Split worthwhile?

Due to Split's fantastic location on the Adriatic coast and the resulting Mediterranean climate, a visit is possible all year round. Pleasant summer temperatures are reached in Split already in April, in May the bathing season is officially opened. The months May to October are therefore ideal for a beach holiday in Split. It should be noted that the summer months of July and August are not ideal for sightseeing due to very hot temperatures. Below we have compiled a climate table for you to get your own impression.

Street in Old Town of Split
Beach in Split
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Ø
Max. temperature in °C 10 11 14 18 21 27 31 30 26 20 15 12 19
Min. temperature in °C 5 5 7 11 16 20 23 22 19 14 10 7 13
Rainy days 13 9 11 11 14 9 5 5 8 11 13 13 10
Sun hours per day 5 6 6 7 9 10 11 11 8 6 4 3 7
Water temperature in °C 13 13 13 14 17 21 23 23 23 21 18 14 17

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