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Sarajevo by Rental Car

What a beautiful city. It’s just one of those places that take you on another level and you’re probably going to be very sad when you’re going to return back home. Well, regardless of that, Sarajevo is a great spot for a vacation. As you might know, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place that’s covered with snow for the better part of the year. And, if you’re someone that has yet to see snow in their life, then you’re in for a huge treat. Other than that, the city has ancient Islamic history and has a ton of buildings that are worth a visit. The Sarajevo Tunnel also boasts of the great civilization that once occupied the place before we were born.

Finding a Rental Car in Sarajevo

Most of you will probably be coming in on a flight that’s landing in the Sarajevo International Airport. The rental service is almost next to the airport. It’s about 400 meters away from the terminals and it will take you 5 minutes to walk there. Sound easy right? But, like we said earlier, the snow in Bosnia and Herzegovina makes it slightly difficult for foreigners to drive in the city. So, to make your job easy, we’ll explain a few special driving laws and speeding limits so you know exactly what being behind the wheel in Bosnia is all about.

Speeding Limits

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place that faces a great number of fatalities every year due to traffic accidents. So, saying that they’re serious about over-speeding would be a huge understatement. A list of the places and the permitted speed limits is given below:

Type Speed
Inhabited Places 35 mph
Uninhabited Places 50 mph
Expressways 60 mph
Motorways 80 mph

The country also has some other laws that you’ve probably never heard of. Children can not sit in the front seat if they’re below 12 years of age. Mobile phones are 100% illegal while driving. It doesn’t matter whether you text or call. There’s absolutely no reason for you to check your phone in the middle of the road. According to the law, if there is a call that you definitely need to receive, then move to the side of the road, park and then pick up the phone. A lot of accidents lead the  government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take these precautions and they expect tourists to follow them.

Blood-Alcohol Limit

You need to be extra vigilant while driving on the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The blood alcohol level is 0.03%. 50 mg of alcohol is allowed every 100 ml of blood. The police can implicate heavy fines if you fail the breath test.

Places to Visit in Sarajevo

As we said earlier, Sarajevo knows how to keep its visitors busy. There is so much to do in the city and you’d be amazed at how fast time flies there. We’ve decided to name some of the best places to visit in the city to make planning convenient for you. Some of them are pretty far away, but we’re sure that the rentals cars will help you to get there.

Places Distance from Airport Travel Time
Sarajevo Tunnel 3 km 2 min
Bascarsija 11 km 19 min
Gazi Husrev Beh Mosque 10 km  17 min
Bjelasnica 31 km 43 min
National Museum 8 km  13 min
Pionirska Dolina 11 km 20 min

Festivals in Sarajevo

Every year Sarajevo has a lot in store in terms of festivals. The majority of the events will happen in the summer, but festivities continue all year long. These become quite common for the locals living in Sarajevo. But, for tourists like yourself, these will be something new entirely. So, hop on in your rental cars because we’ve found five festivals that you don’t want to miss.

  • Valter Cup
  • Romani Day
  • International Dance Fest
  • Bascarsija Night
  • Sarajevo Film Festival

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what a certain occasion is about. Words like Bascarsija might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, the occasion will be loads of fun – Even if you don’t know what it means beforehand.

Emergency Numbers for Rental Car Drivers

You might not know the emergency number in Bosnia. To familiarize yourself with all the emergency contacts used in the city, please memorize or note down them in your travel guide.

Service Number
Police 122
Fire 123
Ambulance 124
Road Assistent 1282/1288
Mountain Rescue 062 654 456 / 061 299 443

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