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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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Hired car Meissen: Discover Saxony mobile and individually

Weinberg in Meißen, Sachsen

Beautiful vineyard in Meissen

Would you like to explore the beautiful city of Meissen in Saxony by hired car? Then book the right hired car for Meissen easily and conveniently on You can already book the hired car from home and then simply pick it up at the car hire in Meissen. Take a hired car to the vineyards, visit Meissen Castle or simply stroll through the enchanting city centre. Since you are always flexible and independent with a hired car in Meissen, you can also explore the surrounding region and landscape.

Car model: Which hired car is best suited for Meissen?

Depending on what you have planned for Meissen, one or the other hired car is more suitable. Are you travelling to Meissen with the whole family and need a lot of space for baggage? Then you can book a minivan as a hired car. These are large enough for all passengers and even the baggage can be easily stored in the boot of the hired car. A small car is a good option if you are mainly travelling in the city centre, as you are guaranteed not to have any parking problems. If, on the other hand, you plan to drive into the surrounding countryside, then an SUV might be something for you. With an SUV, you won't get stuck even in rough terrain.

On you can also select the following options:

Options Choices
Equipment features All-wheel drive, air conditioning, automatic
Inclusive services All kilometres free, fair fuel regulation (full/full)
Insurance benefits Fully comprehensive without excess, glass and tyre protection, underbody insurance
Driveboo tip:

With the fully comprehensive insurance without excess, you will not incur any further costs even in the event of damage. So you are guaranteed to remain stress-free during your holiday in Meissen.

Facts worth knowing about the city of Meissen in Saxony

Straße in Meißen, Sachsen

Discovering Meissen

  • Number of inhabitants: 28,000
  • Area: 30.92 square kilometres
  • Divided into 12 districts
  • Internationally famous for its porcelain
  • Neighbouring communities: Klipphausen, Käbschützal, Diera-Zehren, Niederau, Weinböhla, Coswig 
  • Dialect: the Southeast Meissen dialect, a special form of the Saxon dialect

Meissen Porcelain: With the hired car to the Meissen Manufactory

Take a hired car to the Meissen Manufactory and discover the craftsmanship behind the production of the world-famous Meissen porcelain. Embark on a journey through 300 years of porcelain history and look forward to works of art from the past and present in the Meissen manufactory. Actually Johann Friedrich Böttger was supposed to produce gold for the Elector of Saxony. Instead, he invented European porcelain. Immerse yourself and let yourself be carried away by the history of Meissen porcelain.

Meissener Porzellan Manufaktur, Sachsen

Meissen Porcelain Manufactory

Meissener Porzellan, Sachsen

Meissen porcelain

With the hired car to the highlights in Meissen

Albrechtsburg Meißen

During your trip to Meissen in Saxony, a visit to Albrechtsburg Castle should definitely be on the agenda. Take a hired car to the castle and explore one of the most famous late Gothic architectural monuments. During a visit you can not only explore Albrechtsburg Castle itself, but also visit constantly changing art exhibitions. Look forward to a varied day in Albrechtsburg Castle Meissen.

Meissen Cathedral

The Cathedral of Meissen is actually named St. Johannis and St. Donatus. Park your hired car and enter the breathtaking building. If you wish, you can take a cathedral or tower guide who will then lead you through the cathedral. If you would like to experience the organ, you can take part in one of the church services in Meissen Cathedral.


  • Proschwitz Castle
  • Colourful houses in the city centre
  • Church of Our Lady Meissen
  • Meissen Zoo
Schloss Meißen, Sachsen

Meissen Palace

Meißner Dom, Sachsen

Meissen Cathedral

Bunte Häuser in Meißen, Sachsen

Colourful houses in Meissen

Which cities can I visit with a hired car from Meissen?

Take a hired car from Meissen to Leipzig, for example. Visit the Grassi Museum or the Nikolai Church there. You can also reach Dresden from Meissen after only a short drive by car. Many of Dresden's famous sights can be found in the old town. Other exciting destinations from Meissen are Chemnitz, Bautzen and Cottbus. As you can see, a hired car is the ideal way to explore Meissen and its surroundings.

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