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You can cancel any booking through us free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

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In Konstanz we recommend the following car hire offers

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5 Days from 01.08 - 05.08.2024
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from 32 £ per day

Small, agile and economical - that's all it takes!

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5 Days from 01.08 - 05.08.2024
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e.g. Citroen C3
5 Days from 01.08 - 05.08.2024
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Compare and book rental cars at Lake of Constance

Constance is located in the state Baden-Württemberg on the southern shore of Lake Constance. Lake of Constance is one of the largest lakes of Europe. Its location on the lake is incredibly convenient and has positively influenced the history of the city. Vacations are considered particularly attractive in Germany. Lake Constance is at the top of the list. The region was already populated in Roman times and there is even evidence of pre-Christian settlement. Constance can therefore look back on a long and decidedly eventful history. Constance is the largest city at the Lake of Constance. The many students make this city particularly attractive and worth living in. Constance enchants locals and tourists alike. The beautiful old town with its charming alleys invites you to go shopping. Many interesting tours and visits are waiting for you. Remarkable are the extremely diverse museums of the charming city. It is a good idea to explore this charming city and its picturesque surroundings by car. Be smart and take advantage of the attractive car hire offers. In this way, you can explore Constance in a relaxed way and at a reasonable price to boot. Surrender to the enchanting flair of this city.

Mit dem Mietwagen Konstanz und Umgebung erkunden

Blick vom Hafen Konstanz

Discover the whole beauty of the Lake of Constance

Imperia von Konstanz

Berühmte Imperia Statue in Konstanz

Numerous highlights of the city of Constance can be easily reached by car. Trips to the charming surroundings are also relaxed and relaxing by car. The attractions in Constance include the cathedral and the Council Building. The impressive Council Building is the largest medieval profane building in southern Germany. Originally built as a store and warehouse, it now serves as a conference venue and concert hall. The Powder Tower is located near the Rhine Bridge and was long considered for protection. It dates back to the 14th century and was an important part of the city's fortifications. The "Schnetztor" with its kennel and the Rhine Gate were also originally parts of the city's fortifications. The cathedral, a basilica consecrated in 1955, is the most imposing building in the city. From the 76-meter-high tower, a breathtaking view of Constance and the region opens up. One of the highlights of a stay in Constance is a visit to the flower island Mainau. The island is lovingly restructured depending on the season and enchants thousands of tourists every year. An eventful boat tour on Lake Constance is also recommended. You can easily book this at the port of Constance.

Visit all the fascinating museums of Constance

Sicht über Konstanz vom Münster aus

Sicht über Konstanz und den Bodensee

The Rosgarten Museum in city centre Constance is one of the oldest museums in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It displays exhibits on the city's history with reference to the multifaceted artistic and cultural landscape. The Hus Museum is dedicated to the Bohemian theologian and reformer Jan Hus and attracts countless visitors every year. The National Archaeological Museum preserves unique treasures from several millennia. Finds from archaeological research date back to 8000 BC. An attraction for the whole family is Sea Life, where visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating underwater world of Alpine streams, rivers and seas.

Explore the surrounding city's at the Lake of Constance

Blick über Bregenz am Bodensee

Blick über Bregenz - schnell erreicht mit dem Auto

Lake Constance offers much more besides Constance. By car or ferry you can reach the towns in no time. Let the entire Lake Constance region cast its spell on you. Many beautiful towns directly on the shore await you. The attractive location of Constance makes day trips incredibly easy.

The most beautiful places at the Lake of Constance:

  • Lindau: breathtaking old town island.
  • Constance: largest city on Lake Constance.
  • Meersburg: charming vineyards directly on the lake.
  • Überlingen: beautiful architecture.
  • Friedrichshafen: exciting flight with the Zeppelin.
  • Bodman-Ludwigshafen: Italian flair on Lake Constance.
  • Radolfzell on Lake Constance: discover the Untersee.
  • Uhldingen-Mühlhofen: visit the pile dwellings.
  • Bregenz: the gateway to Austria.

Arriving Constance by different means of transportation

How do I get to Constance on Lake Constance? Constance has its own commercial airport. The nearest airport for transporting passengers is Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH) on the opposite shore of the lake. There is a regular ferry service between the southern and northern shores of Lake Constance, so Friedrichshafen Airport is convenient to reach. The nearest larger and international airport is the airport in Zurich-Kloten (ZRH). It is about 75 kilometers to Zurich - that is, about 50 minutes by car. You can also easily travel by car from all over Germany. Constance is very well connected by public transport. You can reach Constance from numerous cities via direct connections, including Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin or Munich. Another alternative is to travel by long-distance bus. Here, too, there are regular connections, which make a journey from Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and other major cities very convenient.

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