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Enjoy a hired car in Athens

A hired car is a good idea because of the greater flexibility in your holiday in Greece. If you are already doing a price comparison from home, you can save money when hiring a car in Athens. In this respect, it is worthwhile to research the different prices some time before your holiday and to book a hired car right away. If you have any questions regarding your hired car booking, don`t hesitate to contact our service team via e-mail or phone. 

car hire athens

Hire a car in Athens

A hired car in Athens has the great advantage of being way more flexible on the various sightseeing tours both inside and outside Athens and not being dependent on the departure times of public transport. It is worthwhile to compare prices on the internet before departure in order to book your hired car as cheaply as possible. Cradle of democracy, centre of ancient philosophy: when the speech comes to Athens, the various associations only collide with one. But Athens is not only historically interesting, but also as a modern metropolis and capital of Greece. The city can be reached by various ways on land, sea and air. Those tourists arriving by train or coach must allow for several days on the route across the Balkans. From the airport there is a metro connection as well as several bus lines to the city centre. Alternatively, you can also hire a car at the airport in athens

hired car athens

View over Athens by plane

Everything you need to know when hiring a car in Athens

Greece generally has good weather most of the year. In this respect, the hired car in Athens can also be a convertible. If visibility is good, the first excursion with this hired car should go towards Lykabettus. This is the 277-metre-high mountain of Athens from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of large parts of the city. Just park your hired car near the panoramic terrace on the top of Lykabettus near the Chapel of St. George (Ágios Geórgios). Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved directly with the hired car. For the way to the summit you have the choice between a funicular railway and an ascent on foot through a forest laid out by the Association of Forest Friends. Directly by hired car, on the other hand, an open-air theatre is located below the summit in which concerts and theatre performances take place in summer.

Athens hire a car

View of Lycabettus hill in Athens, Greece

Athens offers so much for car hire travel

  • The Acropolis
  • The Pantheon
  • The Temple of Hephaestus
  • The little Mitropolis Church
  • The Plaka District
  • The Anafiotika

The outstanding sight of Athens is the Acropolis. On the castle hill there, the settlement can be traced back to the Neolithic period. Today's ruins are the architectural testimony of the most splendid period in Athenian city history. The main parts were built during and following the reign of Pericles after the victory over the Persian Empire in the 5th century BC. The central eye-catcher is the temple of Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whose frieze is now exhibited in the British Museum in London. But also the ruins of the temple as such give an impressive impression of Greek antiquity. Especially those who want to hire a car in the direction of the Acropolis should start as early as possible in the daytime to get a safe parking place. If you would like to learn more about the history behind the Acropolis, you can do so in the neighbouring Acropolis Museum. It contains only finds found on and around the Acropolis. The most important exhibits include a blonde head from the Acropolis and the Critios boy.

Athens car hire

Acropolis of Athens

Car hire destination in Athens: National Archaeological Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of ancient Greece, you should visit the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The museum is the largest and most important collection of Greek antiquity. There are important exhibits such as the bronze statue of Poseidon, found in Cape Artemision in 1926. In addition, there are the so-called gold mask of Agamemnon, which was found by the German researcher Heinrich Schliemann during excavations in Mycenae in 1876, as well as a large number of historically significant grave reliefs.

Discover the sights of Athens by car

Two other ancient sites that you should visit by car during your stay in Athens are two historical theatres, one of which is originally Greek, while the other is Roman. The first theatre is the Dionysus Theatre, which was built in stone form in the middle of the fourth century BC. Of this only ruins are preserved, which still give a good impression of the way in antique times shows were performed here. A little less imagination is needed in the nearby Odeon des Herodes Atticus. This dates from the second century AD and is much better preserved. Concerts are still regularly given here even by great stars.

Athens car hire

Theater of Dionysus in Athens, Greece

A round trip by hired car in Athens

Right at the foot of the Acropolis, Plaka is the oldest intact historic quarter of the capital city of Greece. The foundations of many houses date back to antiquity. While the Plaka used to be the centre of Athens as an old town, it is now a tavern district visited by a wide variety of strata and groups. If you are planning a stopover here, you should first bring the hired car back to the hotel. Dinner in Greece is not even half the fun without wine and ouzo. In addition, the quarter is largely traffic-calmed. For those interested in culture, it is worth visiting the Museum of Modern Art or the Folk Art Museum. In addition, the Lysikrates Monument and the Tower of the Winds should be visited, which are the two landmarks of the Plaka.

Excursions by hired car in the surrounding area of Athens

If you travel south from Athens by hired car, you come to the peninsula of Attica. There is Cape Sounion. There you will find a temple of the Poseidon, which has already been captured on countless postcards and holiday photos due to its spectacular location. If you are interested in the more recent Greek history, you can make a trip to the monastery of Daphni by hiring a car. It is situated in a forest and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, mainly because of its well-preserved mosaic work. From Piraeus you can also explore the island world of Greece. The islands of Hydra and Aegina, located near Athens, are particularly suitable for this purpose. If you are interested in ancient Greece in a special way, you should choose Aegina as your destination because this island has a variety of different archaeological sites from this time. Or you can simply hire a car and drive 42 kilometres out of town and visit the historic site of the Battle of Marathon. No matter in which direction you drive your hired car out of Athens: everywhere the ground breathes the history of Greece. And if you want to relax from the many sightseeing tours, you can of course also head for one of the many beaches along the coast.

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Ruins of ancient Greek temple Poseidon

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