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Hired car with all-wheel drive - Off road Adventure

A little touch of infinite freedom overcomes anyone who drives through nature in a hired car with four-wheel drive. With all its motorized power, it is now a matter of exploring new paths with the hired car including all-wheel drive, and gaining extraordinary experiences. If you want to make this dream come true, you don't have to buy a jeep or an off-roader. The car hire can fullfill any wish for you cheaply, compare the offers for >All-terrain vehicles and >SUV's quickly and easily in the price comparison and safe yourself the best offer by online booking.

Holidays: including adventure with an all-terrain vehicle

Before you book your next holiday, simply count in a hired car with all-wheel drive. After all, there are countless advantages if you have a hired car available. On the one hand you are flexible and independent in your travel plans and on the other hand you can realize an individual outdoor holiday with the all-terrain vehicle. After all, driving off-road is not possible with a normal car. The SUV off-road vehicle, on the other hand, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Explore the beauty and untouched nature with a jeep. Plan and realize your own routes and immerse yourself in the wilderness. With a 4x4 off-roader, no path is too steep, no ascent too high and even a small river is no longer an obstacle. Such a holiday is guaranteed to remain in your memory forever.

The advantages of an SUV as a hired car

  • Explore untouched nature
  • Plenty of space for baggage
  • Favourable due to the price comparison

If you want to hire an SUV for a reasonable price, you have a very clear idea of what this car should be capable of. Paved roads are abandoned and driving through cities is not planned. Even motorways are rare. The 4x4 SUV should be able to show what it can do far away from the normal roads. No wonder many people want to hire an SUV to experience this adventure.

Be safe off-road - The SUV with all-wheel drive as a hired car

Those who want to drive far away from the paved roads are well advised to use an SUV or an off-road vehicle. These vehicle types were specially designed to meet the increased requirements. A 4WD is one of the safest vehicles on the road. Due to the nature of the body and engine, neither impassable roads nor steep climbs are an obstacle. With the 4x4 off-roader you can easily drive on gravel roads, across flat meadows or of course over snow. In winter, however, snow chains and the appropriate tyres should be considered.

SUVs car rentals - Different models

Thanks to the price comparison we can offer you a large number of different models for off-road vehicles on Driveboo. A selection of the model codes and the corresponding vehicles can be found here:

Model Example Vehicle
FFMR Ford Kuga
IFMR VW Tiguan, BMW X1
CFMR Ford Kuga SUV

Hire an off-road vehicle with all-wheel drive - Advantages of the hired car


Power is distributed to all four wheels. This has the advantage that the vehicle cannot break out either at the rear or in the front when you accelerate on rough terrain. The force is evenly distributed across all four wheels. Hence the name 4x4 for these special vehicles, as this traction contributes significantly to safety. In addition, gradients can be easily mastered with a 4WD. Thanks to the power that can be distributed over all four wheels, the car pulls up almost effortlessly every climb. The substrate may consist of gravel or gravel. Of course, that doesn't bother a real SUV or off-road vehicle at all.


In addition, the 4x4 all-terrain vehicles offer greater ground clearance than other cars. This allows you to venture across the terrain without any problem. Some rental cars in this category also have special floor protection. So that you get even more security. There are a lot of advantages that such a vehicles bring.


Not only safety and driving comfort play an important role in the 4WD hired car. An off-roader also offers you a lot of storage space. Ideal for outdoor vacations since you can store comfortably a complete camping equipment. Even bulky objects find their place in this car.

Hired car customer for off-road vehicle with all-wheel drive

Driving a car in a jeep or off-roader is a little different than in a conventional vehicle. If you want to hire an off-road vehicle at a reasonable price and it is then an off-road vehicle, there are still a few things to consider when hiring a car. We not only help you to hire a jeep for a reasonable price, but we also help you to find the car hire company that has the right off-road vehicle for you via our portal.

How to find a cheap off-road vehicle for hire?

In order to hire a 4x4 car at a reasonable price, it is always worth comparing the various offers from car hire companies. After all, there is a large number of rental stations and each one puts together its own offers. Our portal offers you an overview of the car hire offers, so that you can easily and conveniently compare the offers. It has never been easier to hire a car cheaply.

What does all-wheel drive mean for a hired car?

All-wheel drive can basically be explained almost by itself. This term refers to off-road vehicles that have the 4WD function, i.e. all-wheel drive.
By comparing the individual offers you will find on our portal the all-wheel drive car, which you can not only hire cheaply, but which suits you best in terms of equipment.

What is the minimum age when hiring an off-road vehicle?

When it comes to hiring a hired car like a four-wheel drive, some people naturally ask themselves whether there are special regulations. As a rule, this depends primarily on the destination country in which the four-wheel drive is rented. Therefore it is not possible to make any general statement, since in some countries the minimum age is 21, in other countries such as Canada or the USA the driver must be at least 25 years old. In cases where the age of the driver is below the minimum age, a so-called young driver fee may apply to the driver. Therefore, it is generally advantageous to have a driver for the hired car who is at least 21 years old.

Which insurance should I take out for a Jeep?

  • Fully comprehensive insurance without excess 
  • third party liability insurance
  • Glass and tyre insurance, if applicable

If it concerns the insurance for an all-wheel drive, then you have a few extensions to come. In any case you need a fully comprehensive insurance for the off-road vehicle, we recommend a fully comprehensive insurance without excess. You should also take out liability insurance, which, however, is already included in many offers. Use the offers in comparison and look for insurance packages that can offer a little more. We recommend a glass and tyre insurance for the hired car with all-wheel drive in any case. You can slit your tyre faster than expected in rough terrain or pull a crack into the windscreen by splashing stones. A complete package of insurance is more than recommended for the all-wheel drive hired car.

Hiring a car with all-wheel drive - Fuel consumption

Of course, an all-wheel drive is comparatively higher in fuel consumption than a small car or a vehicle in the compact class. When comparing the offers, you will certainly come across inexpensive packages that do not cost anything more than pure fuel consumption. Free kilometers are more than recommended at this point. Nevertheless, the way you drive is also responsible for how high the consumption will actually be in the end. After all, you can also drive economically with an SUV. The car hire company will be happy to advise you if you have any questions about hiring an SUV. We wish you a good journey in an SUV hired car!

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