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Exploring the flair of Coventry in a rental car

Coventry, along with Birmingham and Wolverhampton, is one of the largest and most populous cities in West Midlands. Even though much of the city was destroyed during a bombing during the Second World War, there is no trace of the disaster in today’s Coventry. The city is most notable for its beautiful squares, extensive pedestrian zones, and wide alleys, inviting tourists for romantic strolls.

Coventry is suitable for exploring the region’s cultural heritage. However, if you are searching for fancy shopping venues and fine dining, Coventry will be a great place to start your journey around West Midlands.

Exploration of Coventry and its surroundings is easiest with a rental car. With Driveboo, you can compare different car rental offers and book your rental car directly online.

Where is it possible to rent a car in Coventry?

In Coventry, there are multiple car hire companies set all over the city centre and its perimeter. However, if you prefer to travel by plane, the most convenient way is, of course, to rent your dream vehicle at the airport. The nearest airport is Birmingham Airport (BHX), located 11 miles (18 km) from the city centre.

Renting your vehicle at the airport will allow you to start your adventure right from the very beginning!

Travelling around Coventry with a rental car – important rules:

  • England, contrary to most of the European countries, has left-hand traffic.
  • If you are an inexperienced driver, you should stay off main roads and try your hand at driving on less frequented roads.
  • All drivers in England must be at least 18 years of age and be holders of a valid driving licence, in order to rent a vehicle.
  • All passengers must wear seatbelts.

Is my European driver’s licence valid in England?

Your European driver’s licence is enough to rent a car in Coventry.

What are the speed limits for cars in England?

Type of road Maximum speed in mph Maximum speed in km/h
Motorway 70 mph 112 km/h
Dual carriageway 70 mph 112 km/h
Built-up areas 30 mph 48 km/h
Single carriageway 60 mph 96 km/h

Are there any toll roads in England?

M6 Toll is the only toll road in the country. However, you will also find several bridges and tunnels where tolls are collected.

What is the legal alcohol limit while driving around England?

The permissible level of alcohol content in driver’s blood is 80 mg per 100 ml of blood (35 mg per 100 ml of breath).

Discover the highlights of Coventry with a rental car

A stay in Coventry wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Broadgate, a large square located right in the heart of the city. The square’s history is connected with Coventry’s most infamous resident, namely Lady Godiva. You will find a statue that depicts her right in the centre of Broadgate. Interestingly, Broadgate House has an in-built clock, which also shows a figurine depicting Lady Godiva on the stroke of the hour. Above the small statue, you can see Peeping Tom looking at you from a small window in the clock.

A stone’s throw from Broadgate, you will find Holy Trinity Church. The church features three towering spires dating back to the second half of the 12th century. On the church’s walls, you can admire a set of noteworthy windows. Inside, you will find a stone pulpit dating back to the 15th century. Those who enjoy religious art will be satisfied with a visit to Holy Trinity Church, as it houses many notable artworks.

Another interesting church is Old Coventry Cathedral constructed in the 14th century. It gained its status as a cathedral in 1918. Before that date, it was the country’s largest parish church.

Car lovers should head towards the Coventry Transport Museum. It presents the fascinating history of Britain’s road transport. Inside, you will find an extensive collection of 300 cycles, 250 cars, 120 motorcycles, and numerous commercial vehicles.

While visiting Coventry, don’t miss Herbert Art Gallery, especially if you are an art lover. The gallery features a large collection of interesting clothing exhibits, sculptures, and paintings. Many of them date back to the 19th century.

Explore the surroundings of Coventry with a rental car

Attractions outside of the city limits are equally interesting as those that can be found in the heart of Coventry. These can be easily reached with your rental car.

Within an hours’ drive from the city centre, you can pay a visit to Birmingham, the industrial hub of the region. A rental car will also grant you the freedom to travel to the traditional city of Doncaster and to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birth place of the legendary writer, William Shakespeare.

A rental car is also ideal to take a trip to the countryside around Coventry. The extensive Sutton Park boasts several lakes, green plains, and a large golf course. There are also playgrounds, to cater for families with children.

Those who love natural landscapes should definitely drive north, to reach Peak District National Park. It offers great views and plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities. It is also home to many animals and bird species. It became United Kingdom’s first national park in 1951.

Drive to interesting destinations with your rental car from Coventry 

Destination Distance by car in miles Distance by car in kilometres Time
Birmingham 21 miles 34 km 29 min
Doncaster 98.3 miles 158 km 1 h 40 min
Peak District National Park 81.5 miles 131 km 1 h 28 min
Stratford-upon-Avon 20 miles 32 km 27 min
Sutton Park 24.7 miles 40 km 37 min
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Frequently asked questions about booking a rental car Coventry

Can I rent a car in Coventry without a credit card?
No, in Coventry it is not possible to book a rental car without a credit card.
Until when can I return a rental car {in Coventry?
In principle, you can return the rental car at any time of the day. It is only important that you return the rental car no later than the time specified at the time of booking.
Do I have to take additional insurance in Coventry?
If you book fully comprehensive insurance without a deductible, you do not have to take out additional insurance on-site.
How long do I have to cancel a rental car?
You have up to 24 hours before rental time to cancel.

Questions about the price

What does a rental car cost in Coventry?
A rental car in Coventry costs on the average 24.64 £ per day.
What does a rental car in Coventry cost per week?
A rental car in Coventry costs on average 172.48 £ per week 24.64 £ per day).
How much does a rental car in Coventry cost for one month?
A rental car in Coventry costs on average 739.21 £ for one month (24.64 £ per day).
Which rental car provider is the cheapest in Coventry?
Europcar is in Coventry the cheapest. A rental costs 98.56 £ for 4 days.
What does a small rental car cost in Coventry?
A small rental car costs in Coventry 24.64 £ per day.
What does a middle-class rental car cost in Coventry?
A middle-class rental car costs in Coventry 34.15 £ per day.
How high is the deposit for a rental car in Coventry?
In Coventry the deposit amounts begin at 702.18 £.
How high is the liability sum in Coventry?
Each rental car is insured at least with the legal liability sum. In Coventry there are 1 provider with a liability sum greater than 7.5 million euros.
How high is the fee for young drivers in Coventry?
Drivers under the age of 26 often pay a fee. This deviates strongly from the individual offers. We always show you the price including all fees.
How much does it cost to cancel a rental car?
Up to 24 hours prior to rental, cancellation costs nothing.